by lbrow 20 Mar 2019

Please just keep me in your prayers sisters. Will have a nerve block on my back on 21st. They tell me it's gotten too bad for any surgery so they are going to start blocking nerves to help with the pain. That I hope will give me some relief for a while .


by meganne 21 Mar 2019

Praying for healing dear friend and an end to your pain.
You certainly don't deserve to be putting up with relentless pain, you've been through enough.
Huge hugs and much love, Meg xxxx

by graceandham 21 Mar 2019

Remembering you this morning in my prayers. Hope the day goes well and you get relief.

by toogie 21 Mar 2019

Praying for you and your medical staff.

by maleah 21 Mar 2019

Praying for you to have a speedy recovery...

by loriziegler 20 Mar 2019

I have had 2 back surgeries and 6 nerve blocks which worked for a short period of time! The last thing that they did to me was called an ablasion! An ablasion is when they burn your backs nerve endings and it has really given me some relief! Good luck I will pray for you!

by tuross 20 Mar 2019

I will be thinking of you and praying for success. The constant chronic pain makes life so very exhausting as well as a host of other issues.

by mranderson 20 Mar 2019

Thinking of you dear Lillian. Hope all goes well for you. Hugs Marg

by 02kar Moderator 20 Mar 2019

Miss Lillian, my heart goes out to you. Chronic unrelenting pain is a terrible draining way to live. My prayers are joined for a successful nerve block that lasts and lasts and lasts are added.

by jrob Moderator 20 Mar 2019

Miss Lillian, I'm always praying for you but will get real specific with this. If you still don't have relief, there is a procedure to sever the nerve. Of course it's a last resort, but being in pain all day, every day is so debilitating! I love you so and pray that this is the fix you need.

by basketkase 20 Mar 2019

Lillian......prayers are sent to you......You so deserve a painless life and hope this works for you! much love......

by sewdoctor 20 Mar 2019

I truly hope this works for you, nothing worse than being in constant pain.

by graceandham 20 Mar 2019

Praying for you darling, but not JUST. So sorry you have reached this point and I hope they are able to bring you relief.

by sdrise 20 Mar 2019

Prayers are coming her way. My hubby has had them and they do help...

by dailylaundry 20 Mar 2019

Of course, Lillian - you are in my prayers every day! Extra prayers that the nerve block will be successful and you will be pain free! Love and hugs, Laura

by sebsews 20 Mar 2019

Ms. Lillian you are on my prayer list. I hope the block helps your pain. I get shots in my back and it helps for about 3 months. After my injection I feel like I could do a cartwheel...if I could do a cartwheel! Hugs, Suzanna

by dragonflyer 20 Mar 2019

Oh, Miss Lillian...I so hope the procedure are in my thoughts and prayers....

by pennifold 20 Mar 2019

Oh! dear Miss Lillian I do pray that the nerve block will alleviate your pain. It's 10.30 Wednesday evening as I write so we are not far off being the 21st March. I pray that you get a good night's rest and that the procedure won't take too long. Love Chris

by mops Moderator 20 Mar 2019

I hope and pray it will help!

by marianb 20 Mar 2019

Sending you positive thoughts for the nerve block and that all will be as it should. Hugs Marian

by airyfairy 20 Mar 2019

You are in my thoughts dear Lillian

by crafter2243 Moderator 20 Mar 2019

Miss Lillian you are often in my prayers. I will pray for good results with the nerve block. Sending you hugs.

by rescuer Moderator 20 Mar 2019

I hope and pray it will help you!