by jenne 18 Mar 2019

A granite top for an old sewing machine base. I drew the pattern I wanted made,

also needles framed with oil can and extra's from the old Domestic sewing machine.


by hightechgrammy 23 Mar 2019

I LOVE these! How cool it is to decorate with the antique sewing accessories. I love the dresser too in the side of the photo!

by theduchess 23 Mar 2019

Looks so pretty. I once took two Singer bases, turned them sideways, painted them a bright apple green and place a door on top. Instant sewing table. Sold them as tables later. Miss them, You did a Great job.

by sewmom 20 Mar 2019

Love it!

by jofrog2000 20 Mar 2019

Lovely. I have a White machine base. It was in my MIL's basement forever, and the top and drawers are just too far gone. I think I'm going to do a butcher block top.

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jenne by jenne 20 Mar 2019

I think that would be a good salvage.

by toogie 19 Mar 2019

Love the top and the singer frame you saved. It looks great. Did you already have the granite piece and just had to get it cut?

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jenne by jenne 20 Mar 2019

I had it cut, I also drew the pattern I wanted.

by 02kar Moderator 19 Mar 2019

Both pieces are now heirlooms in my book. That granite top really looks great on the old treadle sewing table. What a nice way to save the parts from the old machine. Kudos to you.

by babash 19 Mar 2019

Oh that looks so lovely. A beautiful piece of furniture.

by graceandham 18 Mar 2019

Love the look. My MIL had a coffee table with a top shaped like that and she called it a turtle top.

by lilylady 18 Mar 2019

Sew very nice!

by stork 18 Mar 2019

Love how the marble top design turned out......great keepsake!

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jenne by jenne 18 Mar 2019

They did a great job following the pattern, I drew.

by pennifold 18 Mar 2019

They aren't made like this anymore! Beautiful! Love Chris

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jenne by jenne 18 Mar 2019

so true, things are not made to last like they once were.