by meganne 18 Mar 2019

I know they're not perfect, (I'd never claim to be a quilter LOL!), but I finally started on my Vintage Heritage Block of the Month quilt. It's only taken me about 9 years!!!

I stitched out the blue one yesterday and the two maroon ones today.

It's tedious (being so unwell) and I don't have a 1/4" foot so the finished sizes aren't quite correct but I figure if I sew them all the same it should work out ok, I hope.

Anyways, now that I've started it I'm determined to finish it as soon as I can.

Whatchareckon Chris? :-)

Thanks for looking.
Hugs n roses


by meganne 15 Apr 2019

YAYE!!!! I've finally finished piecing our quilt top! It took me exactly 1 month, though some days I couldn't sew at all. When I did the final stitch I burst into tears, I was so relieved. I never realised quilting could be so emotional!
The first photo is taken of it on our queen size bed and the side photo shows how much extra I added to both sides so it would be warmer, (the blue fabric is our old doona cover, on the bed underneath the quilt top)..
All that's left to do now is have it quilted with the batting and backing and then I will attempt to make the binding and finish it. Any suggestions what colour binding I should use?

by meganne 14 Apr 2019

I’m really happy with these two blocks that I cut out and made up to go in the outside side borders.
At the moment I’m trying to join it all together but I’m struggling with the size of it now, it’s too large even for my table extensions to hold it all andI still have to add two more side borders to each side!

by pennifold 09 Apr 2019

Well done girlfriend. It's looking fantastic. I dropped off mine this morning to my quilter. She said it will be ready next week!! Love Chris

by meganne 09 Apr 2019

I’ve finally finished another two blocks, what a job!
I decided I want to increase the width of the quilt to better cover our bed.
On Friday we laid Ray’s Mum, Dulcie’s ashes in her final resting place, which meant driving down to where we all used to live, a long, two hour drive on our very slow freeways. Anyway, we went a bit earlier to give me some time to try and find some matching fabric for the quilt. There’s an abundance of fabric stores to choose from down there.
After visiting three different stores I found some suitable materials and spent all day yesterday working out how best to proceed and setting about cutting up all the little pieces for the extra blocks.

These two are my, first ever, attempt at cutting and stitching a quilt block and while I know the mistakes I made with my cutting, and they’re not as good as the purchased blocks, they are acceptable. (Just!) LOL!!!

It’s just lucky I had two spare block packages that I could scavenge for fabric and three fat quarter packs of the blue fabrics, because I couldn’t match any of the fabrics, I could only find substitutes for the borders.
Only four more blocks to piece now. YAYE!

by lbrow 03 Apr 2019

You are doing a marvelous job Meg.. Gonna be boo ti ful!.

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meganne by meganne 04 Apr 2019

Thank you dear friend. I'm having a break from it this week, trying to decide whether to make it wider as it's only 73" across which means it only hangs down 6" on either side of the bed, not really enough to keep both hubby and I warm.... if he rolls over I'll end up uncovered. LOL!!!
Huge hugs, xxxxxxx Meg

by dragonflyer 31 Mar 2019

Wow, have done a beautiful job with these blocks! You are coming down the home stretch. Can't wait to see how you quilt it to finish it off!

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meganne by meganne 31 Mar 2019

Thanks Kim. I’m up to the complicated part now and it’s getting too large for my table so I’ll have to clean up my mess so I can use the extensions. LOL!
I’m going to pay someone to do the quilting as I have no experience with stippling other than some blocks I digitised but they wouldn’t be suitable for this.
Hugs n roses, M

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by meganne edited 04 Apr 2019

These are the nine centre blocks joined together, they go on the diagonal in the finished quilt as per the second photo of the packet.

I hope mine turns out as good as the one in the picture.
Hugs, m

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by pennifold edited 31 Mar 2019

It's going to look awesome once it's all together. Keep at it, but have a rest now and then you go girl! Love Chris

by meganne 29 Mar 2019

Month 12:- 4 of these 12 &1/2” blocks all finished today along with month 11 (previous post below)

I’m so glad to have finished the bulk of the blocks, now I just have to put them all together:-)

pennifold by pennifold 29 Mar 2019

You are on a roll girl! Well done, even though you are tired. It's a great feeling to get them all together. I'll try and pop down next week if you are up to a visit. Love Chris

meganne by meganne 31 Mar 2019

Would love to see you, could do with some advice on this project.
We are going to Penrith on Friday to place Mum's ashes in her niche at Pinegrove. :-(

by meganne 29 Mar 2019

Month 11 blocks. Only one month to do. :-)

pennifold by pennifold 29 Mar 2019

Oh! Meg, these are great. Love Chris

meganne by meganne 29 Mar 2019

Thanks Chris, I’m fighting the tiredness today after being out all day yesterday but I really want it finished now. :-)

toogie by toogie 30 Mar 2019

These are good blocks to use when we all sew for the same quilt. If our seam allowances differ you can trim them all the same because your points don't go as close to the edge as some star blocks.

meganne by meganne 31 Mar 2019

Thanks Toogie, that's good advice.
I double pressed some of them and unpicked and restitched any that didn't measure up properly, so now they are all uniform.
I can't wait to finish it but had a huge day out yesterday so I'm extremely tired today, Sunday. Still, the day isn't over yet. :-)

by meganne 27 Mar 2019

Month 10 block. I really like this one. 🥰

by meganne 26 Mar 2019

Months 8 and 9 finally done. Only 3 more months to go. 😁

meganne by meganne 27 Mar 2019

I just noticed one of the blue blocks is wrong!!!
Where’s my quickunpick? 😕

pennifold by pennifold 27 Mar 2019

It wouldn't matter Meg, as it's always nice to have a square that isn't perfect. I always make one square not quite right in my quilts! It adds interest. Love Chris

meganne by meganne 27 Mar 2019

Too late, I unpicked it and sewed it back together correctly.
I know it's never going to be perfect but that error was far too glaring a mistake for me to leave it. That's just not me.... LOL!!!

by mops Moderator 25 Mar 2019

Wow! you have been busy making all these squares! I hope you will feel well enough to go on doing one or two squares a day. The quilt will be gorgeous given the blocks you showed. I love you colours.

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meganne by meganne 26 Mar 2019

Thanks Martine.
I am managing to get through them, though I’m unpicking and restitching if I don’t get them just right as I’m determined to get them as near to perfect as I can 🙄🙄🙄.

I can’t take credit for the colours as it is a block a month kit, so everything comes already prepared and it was an awesome gift from a dear friend so I will change the colour of my bedroom to suit it. I’m really loving the finished blocks, and the colour is growing on me as I love burgundy, just never thought to team it with blue. Hugs n roses, M

by pennifold 24 Mar 2019

Wow! look at you go! I love your Bowling shirt and I didn't realise that Del was so tall, or maybe it's just that you're only the same height as me. Dad used to say I had Duck's disease - my backside was too close to the ground!!!!!!!!!!! he he he. Loving your blocks, they are coming together so well. Keep at it. Love Chris

by meganne 24 Mar 2019

Month 5 and 6 blocks, I finished on Saturday.

I had a rest from sewing today, (Sunday), as it was our first Northern Country Challenge tenpin bowling meet for 2019.
I'm afraid I bowled very poorly as I just don't have the stamina required to bowl at this level, at the moment, but my team needed me to make up the number or we wouldn't have been able to win any of the match's series points.
I thought you all might like to see a photo that was taken of me showing off our stunning new Aboriginal design bowling shirts. I am with my friend of 40 years, Del, who bowls for an opposition team, Taree, while I bowl for Hunter. I was so exhausted by the time I got home that I fell asleep immediately I sat down in my lounge chair.
Thanks for looking, Hugs n roses, M

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toogie by toogie 24 Mar 2019

Looking good girls!

by hightechgrammy 23 Mar 2019

They are beautiful! You did a great job!

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meganne by meganne 24 Mar 2019

Thanks Jan, it's very kind of you to say so.
Huge hugs n roses, M

by theduchess 23 Mar 2019

Hi Meg, I'm far from an expert but they look perfect to me. I don't have a 1/4 foot for my Singer 221 Featherweight.But I placed some Painting tape (green Frog) as a marker and it will not damage machine. Works great. Hope you are getting better.LOVE from Texas

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meganne by meganne 24 Mar 2019

Thanks Stella, I'm concentrating really hard on every seam I stitch LOL!!
I have a 1/4" foot now, one with a guide on the side and that certainly makes it easier to keep everything more uniform.
Thanks you for your well wishes, hopefully I'll start feeling better after my heart surgery in May.
Hugs n roses, M

by crafter2243 Moderator 22 Mar 2019

I love this post. It is like a story. One page at the time. I had been off for a week and just catching up. I can't wait to see all your blocks and see the finished project. You are doing great. Hopefully you enjoy it enough to get you out of bed. Keeping you in my prayers. Happy sewing.

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meganne by meganne 24 Mar 2019

Thanks Angie, I'm glad it is of some interest. :-)

I have really struggled the last six months and lost interest in practically everything so I really needed to give myself a good kicking and get back to doing the things I love. Digitising and stitching out blocks for Raelene's quilt gave me added motivation. :-)
Huge hugs n roses, M

by meganne 22 Mar 2019

Month 5 block.
I’m beginning to feel better with the finished blocks, except for the first one, which I have now unpicked ready to remake it as it was 1/2” smaller than it should have been.
Thanks for looking
Hugs n roses 🌹, M

toogie by toogie 24 Mar 2019

I love this block and plan to use it on one of my quilts of valor, one day. Your quilt will be so pretty when complete. It must be a sampler quilt.

meganne by meganne 31 Mar 2019

It's called a Vintage Treasures quilt and all the blocks are different, though 4 are double blocks and one is repeated four times. I'll take a photo of the packet and and it above so you can see it. Hugs, m xxx

by meganne 21 Mar 2019

Month 4 blocks. I think these go in the border at one corner.

I’m still struggling with the 1/4” seams as it goes totally against everything I have done, in over 60 years of sewing, leaving all these unfinished edges. It’s a wonder to me that quilts don’t all fall apart. LOL!

Hugs to all.

P.S. I just found out this week that my Tenpin bowling partner’s mother is an award winning quilter and has even travelled to the States where she also won some Best in Show awards!!! She does all her quilts by hand, so I’m totally in awe.

toogie by toogie 21 Mar 2019

Meg, I feel the same way as I was always taught to finish edges. If it's my quilt I still do but on the QOV they are sent to the quilter and they don't want them finished-go figure.
When I was hemming 300 something pair of men's trunks a day at a factory and meeting 98% of the quota, they said because I was wanting things 'too perfect' I would never make 100% and they would have to let me go. That's almost 700 leg hems a day!
Anyway, every time someone happened to reach 100 % the company raised the quota so no one ever stayed at 100 %.

meganne by meganne 21 Mar 2019

I know exactly what you're saying Toogie, I was also a machinist and no matter how much each person achieved each day it was never enough. Huge hugs xxx

by meganne 20 Mar 2019

Month 3 block. This one is the centre block.

pennifold by pennifold 20 Mar 2019

Looking good girlfriend!! Love Chris

toogie by toogie 20 Mar 2019

Look at you go! Great block!

by toogie 19 Mar 2019

I think they look great and can't wait to see all your blocks together. Take care of yourself and hopefully you can finish this in the next few weeks.... Not years Meg!!!😉 we will celebrate with you when you do!🎉

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meganne by meganne 21 Mar 2019

Thanks Toogie. It's tough dragging myself out of bed each day, but I'm determined to finish this now that I've started. :-)

by stork 19 Mar 2019

Love how your blocks turned out. Your colors are spot on.

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meganne by meganne 21 Mar 2019

Thanks Tonya, I can't claim credit for the colours as they're all prepared, pre-cut, pieces ready to stitch together, I'm just following the instructions.
I'm beginning to really like the colours though, even though blue is not really my colour.
Hugs n roses M

by jrob Moderator 19 Mar 2019

Kudos on your efforts. If you hadn't of told on yourself, I'd never have guessed you did this without a 1/4 foot. Before I got my Bernina, I stuck a pile of Post-It notes on the bed of my machine to sew up against to get the perfect 1/4".

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meganne by meganne 21 Mar 2019

Thanks Jerrilyn, that's a similar idea to what's in the video Kim shared.
I'm sure I really should unpick the first square as it's out by a whole 1/2" and I know it will make a difference to the finished quilt. I am getting better, all the other blocks are only out by 1/8" since I sorted out a 1/4" foot.
Hugs n roses, M

by marianb 19 Mar 2019

Looking Good! Isn't it amazing what you can find in your stash.. Hope you health improves each day so you can sew a little to help pass the time. Hugs Marian

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meganne by meganne 21 Mar 2019

Thanks Marian, yes I would normally be the last person to have any blue fabric laying around, so I was truly amazed when I found some that matched. :-)
Hugs n roses, M

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by meganne edited 18 Mar 2019

OH NO! I’ve just opened month three and it’s missing three little blue squares of fabric 🤭😥
Guess I’ll have to search through my whole stash to find something to substitute, don’t like my chances knowing my lack of blue fabrics. 😟

Well I’m beyond ecstatic! I went to my box of old fabrics and found one tiny little bag full of blue fat quarters and two match fabrics in this quilt kit.

Someone sure is smiling down on me today! 🙏🏻

by shirley124 18 Mar 2019

Looking good. Hugs

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meganne by meganne 18 Mar 2019

Thanks Shirley, I’m not a blue fan but I like the combination of colours in this quilt and hubby’s favourite colour is blue. Xxx

by dailylaundry 18 Mar 2019

These turned out perfect!! It takes such extra effort to accomplish anything when you aren't feeling well. Hope and pray each day is better for you! Hugs, Laura

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meganne by meganne 18 Mar 2019

Perfect???? 😁 You’re too kind Laura. LOL! And I love for it 😘
I’m still spending more time in bed than I want to but maybe after my heart surgery things will improve. Huge hugs xxx

by basketkase 18 Mar 2019 get huge kudos for even undertaking quilting...I so admire all you quilters.…..if I lived by you I would bring you the foot you need!! These squares are beautiful.....I pray for good days for you so you can finish this. Praying for your return to good health....much love.....

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meganne by meganne 18 Mar 2019

Thanks Vicki. I’m no quilter, I don’t have the patience for such intricate stitching, but these were an amazing gift, sent to me a long time ago, so it’s way past time I should have made it up. The days are just racing by.... xxxxx

by cfidl 18 Mar 2019

They look wonderful! I have a nine-patch somewhere, I hope to find and finish.

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meganne by meganne 18 Mar 2019

Thanks Christine. Each block is different so it is quite a challenge but now that I’ve had a good look at it, I can’t wait to see it made up.
Maybe it will inspire you too. 😄 xxxx

by dragonflyer 18 Mar 2019

Good for you!! It will be lovely when you are finished and I always agree that better late than never is good! Here is a video link for how to set up and test for a 1/4" seam allowance without using a 1/4" foot.

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meganne by meganne 18 Mar 2019

Thanks Kim. Clever idea.
I had purchased a foot connector for my 1968 Elna Supermatic machine, from eBay, and it arrived this morning, so I went searching through all the snap on feet for my other machines and finally identified the 1/4” with guide that I had overlooked in my previous searches. DOH!!!
I just put it all together and it fits YAYE!!!
If this doesn’t work I’ll try moving the needle to the right and using a stitch guide.
As it is, 1/4” means the edge of the fabric is inside the feed dog area and underneath the foot so a normal stitch guide won’t work. I don’t think I like the idea of sticking tape to my machine.
After dressmaking for over 60 years you’d really think I should be able to stitch a 1/4” seam!!! DOH!!! LOL!
Huge hugs and thanks for the video link. xxxx

by pennifold 18 Mar 2019

Well done Meg, it's really important to try and keep the seams roughly the same. You might have to buy the 1/4 inch foot or use the guide along the footplate, either way I think you've done a great job.
Sorry I wasn't home today when you rang. I'll catch up with you soon. Love Chris

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meganne by meganne 18 Mar 2019

Thanks Chris. 1/4" from the needle on my machine barely lines up with the right edge of the right side feed dog, so it's only luck the fabric even feeds. Maybe I should move the needle to the far right so there can be more fabric under the presser foot. I'll try and remember to do that if I stitch some more tomorrow.
I don't think they made 1/4" feet for my old machine, I might go look on ebay. I'm always up for another gadget hunt. :-)
Hugs n love