by robertahilde 18 Mar 2019

Autumn is lovely in Melbourne this year with temperature in the high 20's.

While waiting for some precious rain I am having fun with my camera.
Cheers - Roberta


by lidiad 30 Mar 2019

Great photos, Roberta, love them!
Today in Melbourne has rained on and off all day and it has been cold like in winter! :-)
Hugs, Lidia

by shirley124 18 Mar 2019

Lovely pictures. We need rain down here in Tassie as well. Hugs

by 02kar Moderator 18 Mar 2019

Please keep enjoying your camera and share the pictures with us. I hope it rains soon for you with just enough and no flooding.

by graceandham 18 Mar 2019

Really nice pictures. The birds are amazing. Have more fun and enjoy the fall cooler days.

by cfidl 18 Mar 2019

Great pictures! Is that bird a parrot? Hope you get rain soon enough. The weather here in Denver has changed and it is now hazy and ugly almost all the time. I moved from the east coast because of humidity, and although this is not the same it is still awful. I do not know where to go where the air is clean and the sky is blue and there are seasons.

pennifold by pennifold 18 Mar 2019

These birds look like Corellas, Chris. They belong to the Cockatoo family and they live for about 50-60 years!!
They have a very raucous squawk and fly in very large flocks. We've got a big community of them down on our local lake. Love Chris

robertahilde by robertahilde 18 Mar 2019

It is not so nice all the time in Melbourne, summer is hot and humid, this year we reached 45 centigrade more than once and the rain is hard to came.
Sadly the weather is capricious everywhere this days and we are paying the consequences of years of abuse to our environment. Hugs Roberta