by noah ( edited 8d ago ) 9d ago

I love this new pattern i bought The best 2 bucks i spent in awhile:):) I now got 20 towels done with it:):)I want to tell u that it gets costly to buy wws for the backing So i go to the thrift store and buy sheer curtains for the back on top of the fabric ,lots of heavy stuff in the middle to hold the towel weight the one i am showing u was new in a package for a buck.It hardly shows and helps with the ware and tare of the topper,there is 3 heavy layers of tearaway in the middle +++(the last pic shows the back)Also the green one in the 4th pic i used 2 dish clothes (just had to try it) Here there in a pkg. of 10 for 5 bucks+++Thanks for LQQKING!!!!!!Hugs Carolyn


by my3sons 14h ago

These turned out great. You did an amazing job!

by blueeyedblonde 2d ago

Got a lot done!

by dixie 4d ago

Oh Boy Carolyn you certainly have been busy, just loved them it looks a lovely pattern. I have messaged you for the details if you do not mind

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noah by noah 4d ago

No problem i answered you hugs from Canada!!!

by dilceia 6d ago

Great job !

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noah by noah 6d ago

Hello my ole friend hugs xxxxx

by stock 7d ago

I have been using thin curtain, I use a craft soldering iron, iron on the edges to take away hairs, also would use windcheater fleecy under hoop, cut away edges after stipple so they are not in the z z edging... ( thank goodness for thrift shops), our nearest sells all fabric pieces for 50c ...wendy

noah by noah 6d ago

Awesome i to love that store lol what is windcheater????

stock by stock 6d ago

sweater made of fleecy backed fabric

noah by noah 5d ago

ok i get it bow thanks:):)

by lbrow 7d ago

Love them Carolyn. A dandy job you have done!

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noah by noah 6d ago

Ahhh thanks my friend how are u ??hugs xxxx

by pennyhal2 7d ago

Just as I got new sheers and threw out the old ones, along comes a way to use them in ME! Yes, I'm finding it costly to use any of my new huge hoops, so I rarely do any really big designs. I can understand that cutting through so many layers of stabilizers would make your hand sore. Hopefully, your shears are sharp! Your results are enjoyable and useful!.

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noah by noah 7d ago

no my shears need sharpened and so do i lol i have a bad wrist as i do a lot of heavy manly things as my hubby is blind But i gotta do it anyways hugs

by zoefzoef 8d ago

Great job !

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noah by noah 8d ago

Thanks 4 looking hugs

by meganne 8d ago

Lovely work Carolyn, as usual.

Just a suggestion, (not a criticism), I would think that Cutaway would be better used than Tearaway for the simple reason that Tearaway tears as soon as it is penetrated by the needle so with the stippling stitch you would end up with lots of pieces of tearaway inside, all separated by the stitching, and this would degrade even further with laundering.

Cutaway, on the other hand, will remain in one piece and will stand up to the rigours of thousands of washes. Plus, cutaway is available in heavy duty and even very heavy duty for just such projects.
I wish we lived closer I could give you some to try.

Huge hugs and much love, Meg

noah by noah 8d ago

Thanks i have a 5 foot roll of it lol hugs xx

noah by noah 8d ago

I get mixed up as to is it a ripe away or cutaway when i go to use it ??I use the right stuff i just half to think more about what to call it Thanks for explaining to me hugs xx

noah by noah 8d ago

I put picture above it is cut away

meganne by meganne 7d ago

It's easy enough to forget which one to use Carolyn
I'll add a link to Embroidery Library's Guide to using stabilisers here:

I often check this out if I am unsure so I hope it helps.
Huge hugs, M

noah by noah 5d ago

Oh wow that's awesome thanks:):)

noah by noah 5d ago

Is there away to send this to me so i can print it????I can't do it???

by graceandham 8d ago

Spring cannot be too far away - my dogwood is starting to bloom. Your towels look great. If I ever get to Canada, I expect when I cross the border, there will be signs with arrows, saying "The Towel Lady, This Way". My find of the week was an 18" ruler for $2 at Salvation Army. I have begun buying the sheer curtains!

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noah by noah 8d ago

Well that's a great deal 2 bucks ++++I love the sheer stuff does lots of work 4 me everything i need is in the states and the dollar is only 75 cents here and the exchange kills ya ++++So we half to come up with other idea right??

by shirley124 8d ago

You sure have been busy. These are all lovely. Like your money saying idea as well. Hugs

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noah by noah 8d ago

Thanks my friend What u been sewing???

by ladylongfellows 8d ago

Love them

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noah by noah 8d ago

Thanks miss lady:):)

by babash 8d ago

Wow you have been busy. Love all the pictures. Great selection.

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noah by noah 8d ago

Thanks 4 lookin hugs

by pennifold 8d ago

Fabulous array of towels here Carolyn. I love the Aqua towel holder. Love Chris

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noah by noah 8d ago

That's the color of inside my camper lol hugs

by sonjapotgieter 8d ago

You have done One Fantastic Amazing job with All these towels!!!Great work!!!Beautiful!!!!

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noah by noah 8d ago

Thanks i did a few more since this picture i am hooked ++++help+++++

by brendalea 8d ago

Holy cow you have gone to town on the towel holders. Great job.
Happy Stitching :-)

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noah by noah 8d ago

Thanks Brenda hugs4u2

by basketkase 8d ago

What a great array of towels.....great job....

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noah by noah 8d ago

Thanks Vicki hugs

by JeanW 9d ago

Where did you get the pattern??? Love it!

noah by noah 9d ago

I never write it here because i don't know how to tell if the site approves of it or not I am computer dumb Sorry U can send me a private message Or if anyone knows if it is ok i could right it here???

crafter2243 by crafter2243 8d ago

You could ask anyone of the moderators to find out if a site is abiding by copyright.

noah by noah 8d ago

You guys could make a list on here for people like me but ya i know it is work ya i know so many sites to ya i know might be best to ask ??Thanks:):)

jbarrs by jbarrs 8d ago

I would love to know where you got the design.

noah by noah 8d ago

Send me a private jbarrs ok

meganne by meganne 8d ago

Anyone who sews could create this pattern Carolyn, I made several towel holders, similar to this, years ago.
The random stippling stitch is readily available in the stitch selection of several digitising programs and even on many embroidery machines. The satin stitch is available on every modern machine since 194?.
I doubt very much if the pattern is unique to one person.

But these days Cute requires you to make sure the seller doesn't have ANYTHING, ANYWHERE on their website that breaches ANY Copyright Laws ANYWHERE in the world. Almost impossible to police.

jbarrs by jbarrs 7d ago

How do I send a private message here?

meganne by meganne 7d ago

jbarrs, if you look at the top of the page you will see Q&A, if you click on the Q&A link it will take you to that section, scroll down until you find instructions for using the PM function. hugs n roses, M

by mariagiannina 9d ago

Great work Carolyn! I love them all!
Mary C

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noah by noah 9d ago

Thanks hugs:):)

by Sewmum1 9d ago

You have been busy again! I am with Kim and would use a leave in stabiliser for added strength. Love the style of these and you can use any towel with them and hang almost anywhere. Love the Variegated thread too

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noah by noah edited 9d ago

I got lots of heavy tearaway in the middle for strength these are thick and my wrist is sore from cutting them lol

by dragonflyer 9d ago

Great job, Carolyn...interesting use of the curtain and probably less expensive than any stabilizer... but if you are cutting with pinking shears, you could really use most any stabilizer. No need to use WSS when cutting with pinking shears..

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noah by noah edited 9d ago

No that is NOT true Kim I could only have used this curtain fabric or wws because fabric and the nice stitching is on both sides +++So if i use white or black tearaway it will cover up the fabric and u won't see the sewing So only these two things could be used

by parkermom 9d ago

I would never have thought of that idea. Great job!

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noah by noah 9d ago

Thanks 4 lookin:):)Hugs