by babash 15 Mar 2019

Scottish Band Uniform supplies?

I had a phone call yesterday from a woman asking if I could make some Kilt Hose Flashes for her friend in a Scottish Pipe Band.
I have looked it up on the Internet to see what they are and can't see anywhere that sells the Hardware pieces the clips.
Hoping someone on here may know of a site I can visit. I don't know if Irish Dancers use a similar thing or not. All I know is what I found online.
Any help would be appreciated.


by babash 18 Mar 2019

Found the garter part ready made now just have to do the flashes when they get the fabric to me.

by Sewmum1 15 Mar 2019

I would ask for a picture of what style they are expecting for the kilt flashes. Some I have seen are decorative fabric stitched onto a band of elastic with hook and loop tape closure. You wouldn't need to buy any special hardware for that style as you probably have everything you need already apart from the fabric

babash by babash 15 Mar 2019

Thanks yes I am hoping to see the real thing. I wanted to do some research so I would have an idea as what they were.
I am sure they will ask what I will charge so need to know what is involved before I speak to them. Looks pretty straight forward to do as long as I can get all the materials.
Some look like they have Velcro and others adjustable clips.

Sewmum1 by Sewmum1 15 Mar 2019

You can buy the hardware as a kit called garter buckle set that also has the triglide adjuster. That will bump up the cost to make and your time too of course . Make sure you charge accordingly :)

by topcat5 15 Mar 2019

I googled "Kilt Hose Flashes" and got quite a few sites. If you haven't googled yet you might get enough answers to your question. There was even a video showing how to tie them, they're just a slim tie. Interesting to see. Good luck.

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babash by babash 15 Mar 2019

Thanks yes I saw those. I am wondering about the clips.