by jenne 8d ago

I bought a very old treadle sewing machine, has the wood cap like top they are holding until I can pick it up, but it is raining here today, maybe it will clear off later today.


by jenne 7d ago

Here is a couple of pictures: lot of hand needles in their old packages and many wood spools lots of extra bobbins and attachments plus a small round needle case with some old needle for the machine old thread more like you would use for twine not sure what you would with it?, will try and clean the wood up, I have not got it running yet not sure if the bobbin is in right or threaded right, It is different from the one my Mom had when I was a kid. this one is older I think, in the center is a small door that opens for use It is a (Domestic) and #3 style not found the year it was made.

pennifold by pennifold 7d ago

It's gorgeous Jenne, I gave away 2 of these machines to a museum in Victoria for old sewing machines. They were thrilled I donated them! Love Chris

cfidl by cfidl 6d ago

Wow! It looks wonderful. Chris-- donating 2 machines was a wonderful thing for you to do.

jenne by jenne 6d ago

I have not got it to sew yet, perhaps you can tell me something about it , like it has an different looking needle a tip on the top of the needle does it go in a special way? had to look on you tube to help thread the bobbin still they did not giver very good instructions on this machine, if you can help me, thanks.

by 02kar Moderator 8d ago

Wonderful! I bought a new treadle machine so it will not have the beauty of an original. Please let us know how quickly you learn to use it. I would love to hear how you manage to learn to use this machine and it would be a treat to see a project you make in the Sewing section.

by graceandham 8d ago

Congratulations on your find. I hope you will enjoy the rhythm of stitching on it.

by toogie 8d ago

My daughter has an old machine with a wooden top but it's not a treadle. Please show us a picture when you get it....... I love old stuff....guess that's why I still love my hubby....sometimes more than others-lol

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pennifold by pennifold 7d ago

he he he!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Chris

by dragonflyer 8d ago

Great find...

by stork 8d ago

What a find!!! Congrats on your new girl!

by cfidl 8d ago

Lucky You! I read several years ago that these machines are critical for developing countries as they do may not have electricity. Please post pics and hope it works good and you find parts that will keep it running.