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by dragonflyer ( edited 14 Mar 2019 ) 14 Mar 2019

Mar 14 - Guardian Angel Seal at Sonia's.....

Little Lamb at Planet....
Steampunk Butterfly free when added to cart at All Sorts.....
Elegant I at Thread Treasures....
Y & F at Tattered...
Lucky Clover at Hatched/Wilcom Resource Center....


by gramsbear 15 Mar 2019

Thanx much!!!

by sdrise 15 Mar 2019

Thank You!!

by 1penny 15 Mar 2019

Thank you

by marianb 15 Mar 2019

thank you

by shirley124 14 Mar 2019


by toogie 14 Mar 2019

I can't get anything from emb-all sorts. I tried to get the steampunk hat and now the b-fly. My name shows on the side bar but when I hit login, says login failed......

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 14 Mar 2019

Sorry, I can't help you with your log in problems...there have been quite a few people who have had lots of problems with the site...Perhaps try checking out as a Guest ????

Renga by Renga 14 Mar 2019

I had to create a new account, guest seemed to work, but no download. Site is not working properly, she had changed the provider, but not all is fixed

shirley124 by shirley124 14 Mar 2019

I am logged in but cannot checkout. All was well before she changed things. I have tried logging in with new passwords to no avail. Think I will just give up on her site. Hugs

laurasomi by laurasomi 15 Mar 2019

I finally gave up, cant even buy anything, I really liked that new Alphabet, but now i just gave up, i`ve been trying for ever and nothing works.

by brendalea 14 Mar 2019

Thank you Kim for all the links. Happy Stitching Brenda Lea

by genin 14 Mar 2019

Thank you

by markus 14 Mar 2019

Thank you

by cfidl 14 Mar 2019

Thank you and Thank you Alice for the butterfly!