by nurselilly 13 Mar 2019

Hi all I am still in need of the letter I piggy font to complete the alpha can you all help me by vote

kind regards Ash


by nurselilly 23 Mar 2019

Please still vote for this for me

by annsown 21 Mar 2019

The I is now on page 10 with 2 votes

by pennifold 21 Mar 2019

I just tried to find the letter I and it's way back on page 92!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've added the link here for you. I'm afraid it would take for ever to reach the beginning.

I'd suggest you buy a membership Ash and that way you can download every design. It's very reasonable for 6 months. Love Chris

by nurselilly 21 Mar 2019

bumping up to the top :-)

what other letters are people missing please so I can vote for them too

Ash xx

by marianb 14 Mar 2019


by genin 14 Mar 2019

Voted !

by irenewayne 13 Mar 2019

Just voted

by pennifold 13 Mar 2019

Just voted for it Ash.
To vote - go to the "FREEBIES vote" link at the top right of the page and click on that and look for the PIGGY alphabet. The PIGGY letter I is on page 2. Love Chris

nurselilly by nurselilly 14 Mar 2019

I did vote for it I was asking others to vote as well so I can complete the alpha as I worked late and it had already gone to the next letter so I missed it :-(

genin by genin 14 Mar 2019

Thank you for the road to the Freebies !