by cfidl 13 Mar 2019

We are in the worst wind and snow storm I think ever. They say the winds are up to 75 MPH. The north side of everything is iced over including my front window! I woke up to rain and then a power outage, and seriously thought I might need to bug out! It was so cold in here. I do not know what people do for days without power. I could not take a couple of hours. Christie left for Germany Monday morning and I miss her already. I am glad she did not experience this. Something is banging on the roof, I think it is a cord to the swamp cooler, and I think something was trying to gnaw into the back room. It is quiet now, so did it freeze? The cable keeps blinking in and out so I had to put in a DVD. The city told employees not to come in today and let everyone know that all non-essential services would be closed. I have heard sirens all day and hope folks are not driving. The news channel is calling it a bomb cyclone. 1,000 flights have been canceled and folks are stranded at the airport. There must be an organization to care for these folks. Of course I wish I had a generator and hubby was looking for the heaters. I think about the homeless and how did they get word to go to a shelter, as I only saw a message on facebook. This is not a spring storm by any means, and it is moving east.


by pennifold 13 Mar 2019

Oh! my Chris, what is happening with the world's weather? I'm glad that Christie got away safely and that you had a great time.
Please stay inside and keep warm, and I also pray for anyone outside in those conditions.
Whilst you are in heavy wintry conditions I've just heard on the TV that Sydney (New South Wales capital city) is expecting torrential rain!!!!!! Love Chris

chenille by chenille 13 Mar 2019

The weather has gone totally crazy this year! We got more snow last night....( B.C. Canada)

cfidl by cfidl 14 Mar 2019

It is so beautiful up where you live. I did not know you got snow as the pacific current heads that way. Winter is almost over. lol! There is crazy weather that is for sure!

by chenille 13 Mar 2019

You have my prayers! I hear that it is a weather"bomb" ?? Stay safe and get a good book and some candles!!
Hugs, Nadyne

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cfidl by cfidl 13 Mar 2019

Thank you. I feel much better now that the power has stayed on. I guess I am am a wimp when it comes to the comforts of home.