by stork 12 Mar 2019

Kim's needle case. Thank you for sharing. I am doing these for my 4-H sewing kids. Kim was gracious and added their names to the cases for me. This one is for my grand daughter (her and her sister are both in the club) so I knew what colors to use for her. I used some upholstery samples for the gray front. Love how it turned to find some different snaps for the rest! THANK YOU Kim!!!!! Tonya aka stork


by blueeyedblonde 23 Mar 2019

Nice job!

by dixie 16 Mar 2019

I have reed several thanking Kim for sharing her design is their an way we can still get it Please. I think it is great
Kind Regards Val

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dixie by dixie 16 Mar 2019

I have not been on a lot lately as I have recently lost my husband which was very unexpected and finding very hard at the moment

by peafarm 15 Mar 2019

Love seeing different colors and choices for fabrics. I loved doing this also and was so easy. My needle I am using for sewing on pearls to an Heirloom Block started years ago in now sitting inside mine. Your 4-H'er's will love these. Thanks for showing upholstery sample fabrics---we have a box full at our extension office right in our sewing room.

by dragonflyer 15 Mar 2019

Great job, Tonya...Hope the kids in your 4-H Club enjoy these!

by shirley124 12 Mar 2019

Lovely. Hugs

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stork by stork 12 Mar 2019

Thank you Shirley.

by noah 12 Mar 2019

Like how you trimmed the inside of this one Nice Job hugs

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stork by stork 12 Mar 2019

I had some problems getting it trimmed down. Lefty, pinking shears.....what more can I say?! Thank you for the compliment!

by babash 12 Mar 2019

Well done This design is looking good no matter what colour is used. So versatile.

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stork by stork 12 Mar 2019

Agreed. Is is so versatile that you can make it to suit the receiver! Thank you

by sonjapotgieter 12 Mar 2019

hey sooo Beautiful,,Can just not get it??

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stork by stork 12 Mar 2019

Thank you

by basketkase 12 Mar 2019

Love seeing everyones color and fabric combos......looks great!

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stork by stork 12 Mar 2019

Thank you. I love seeing the different colors also.

by pennifold 12 Mar 2019

You did a great job and Kim is a darling for designing this needle case. Love Chris

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stork by stork 12 Mar 2019

Thank you Chris and I agree, it was great of Kim to design this and share.