by parkermom 11 Mar 2019

I need suggestions. Two of the young men in our church have achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. They are great kids, and I'd like to make them something to commemorate their achievement. Would a boxed type zipper bag be appropriate, or is there something better or more useful? Thanks in advance.


by cfidl 13 Mar 2019

Box type is so manly and perfect for their celebration.

parkermom by parkermom 14 Mar 2019

thank you. Now I'm pondering the type of fabric

turtleowl by turtleowl 15 Mar 2019

I would suggest rip-stop nylon (lined with nylon taffeta if you want a lining). It is water resistant, sturdy and light weight to pack and also easy to sew without so much bulk as a heavier fabric.

by mrskiki 13 Mar 2019

I think this type of bag would be perfect. I made one for my 11 yr old grandson and he loves it. Choose a nice fabric to suit his interests or maybe patriotic fabric or denim would work well. I also line it with iron on vinyl to make it water resistant. The tutorial for it came from Craftsy. PM me if you need help. Hugs. Nan W

eyeztodiefor10 by eyeztodiefor10 13 Mar 2019

Great idea! I'm going to see if it is still there. I have 2 grandsons who would love this made from Super hero fabric!

parkermom by parkermom 13 Mar 2019

Thank you for the link and info. When I get my projects dine, I will post photos

by pennifold 12 Mar 2019

Hi Jennifer, I'm assuming that these boys are around 16-18 years old. I'm not sure whether they are old enough to shave or not, but I like the idea of a Toiletries bag that Marian has suggested. I've attached a post from Toogie from 4 years ago, but I'm sure you could find something similar to make.
Another suggestion would be a coin purse. Something small that the boys could fit in their trouser/short pockets, or even their shirts, if they have a pocket. Love Chris

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parkermom by parkermom 13 Mar 2019

Thank you for those suggestions. I will look at all the boxed bags I can find. My issue is the sewing of the corners can get so thick. I need to use a fusible batting or interfacing so I can trim it better.

by 02kar Moderator 12 Mar 2019

I think the bag would be a wonderful gift. And maybe add a tee shirt with his name and add Eagle Scout. Any young man who has earned this title is pretty special.

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parkermom by parkermom 13 Mar 2019

They really are special. I had the pleasure of having one of them in my Sunday school class for two years. Great families.

by marianb 12 Mar 2019

A boxed Zipper Bag would be very useful to the young men they would be able to take on camping trips etc. Toogie has made many of them for males.

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parkermom by parkermom 12 Mar 2019

thank you.

by crafter2243 Moderator 12 Mar 2019

I raised mostly girls and have always had problems figuring out gifts for the males young or old. I am curious what ideas others will have.

parkermom by parkermom 12 Mar 2019

I only had girls too, so I'm a little clueless. Both of the families of these boys are not wealthy, but they aren't needy either, so these boys have all they need.

eyeztodiefor10 by eyeztodiefor10 13 Mar 2019

I have 4 sons. They are all grown up now but those box type bags would be perfect. You can use outdoorsy type fabrics or maybe cammo. Camping with a tent (not a camper) would work too. It might help to find out what these great kids are interested in or plan on doing after high school. That may give you more ideas.