by noah 13d ago

LQQK what i got to make this afternoon.All my sewing is caught up and i got to play AFTER i plowed snows for 2 hours .Still snowing here I really need spring:):)Thanks 4 LQQKING Hugs Carolyn xx P.S. I bought a whole lot of napkins Thinking they will outlast a towel ???What do u think???Ya or Na lol


by sewpam 11d ago

Ya and another YA! It snowed only about an inch and half here. it is warming up 28 degrees F or -2 C. Should be the end of our snow by next week as warm as 50 F or 10 C. Everything will be a mess with the melting.

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noah by noah 11d ago

Oh i wish that for here to hugs

by vickiannette 12d ago

I guess shovelling the snow will keep you fit and healthy?? Doesn't mean you have to like it though !! Nice embroidery, the dancer very cute xx

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noah by noah 12d ago

you got it that i am fit as a fiddle lol

by shirley124 12d ago

Lovely work. You sure are a busy woman. Hugs

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noah by noah 12d ago

Yep i hate doing men's job but there is noone but me to do them lol I love to sew always have hugs

by babash 12d ago

Looking Good. Nice idea with the napkins. The weather has to change soon for all of us I am sure. Before you know it you will be at camp and your towels will be selling like hot cakes.

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noah by noah 12d ago

I do hope sew lol hugs

by sonjapotgieter 12d ago

Great work!!!Gorgeous!!!

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noah by noah 12d ago

Thanks Sonja hugs

by basketkase 12d ago

All look great, Carolyn!

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noah by noah 12d ago

Thanks Vicki hugs

by brendalea 12d ago

Love all the towels. Great idea to use napkins. Where did you get the trailer designs from??? Happy Stitching :-) Brenda Lea

noah by noah 12d ago

Can't remember sorry:(:(

brendalea by brendalea 11d ago

Thank you anyways. Keep up the great work.

by pennyhal2 12d ago

What a great collection! I especially love this tree in a circle. It looks so graceful! I find that napkins and towels have their own strengths. I use towels when I'll need something that will absorb a lot of water, like stitching them on the front of an apron and using it to wipe my hands on when washing lettuce type stuff. Napkins seem better at wiping things that are not "watery" but more dense like food like when I get mashed potatoes all over the place. So, I love them both!

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noah by noah 12d ago

Thanks for saying hugs

by marianb 13d ago

Brilliant idea to use napkins, I have a huge pile of white ones sitting here just waiting for the right inspiration.. thanks Carolyn all of yours are great as usual.

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noah by noah 12d ago

Thanks for looking hugs

by blueeyedblonde 13d ago

They all look great! Glad you finally got some time to do what you want!

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noah by noah 12d ago


by parkermom 13d ago

Wow you have a lot of energy! If I get one or two things embroidered, it's a big day for me! Sometimes it takes me a month to do two things. You do beautiful work.

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noah by noah 12d ago

A month oh my i gotta move it lol

by pennifold 13d ago

Definitely the napkins will outlast towels. They don't get used as much and therefore won't get as worn. Great tree on the last one! Love Chris

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noah by noah 13d ago

I agree Chris thanks:):)

by brendago 13d ago

They look good to me. Brenda#1

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noah by noah 13d ago

Thanks Brenda your still #1 lol