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by parkermom ( edited 11 Mar 2019 ) 11 Mar 2019

There is probably a simple answer to this question, but here goes--Why do the thread caps on ThreadArt spools pop off all the time? Are they unnecessary? It is driving me crazy.


by sebsews 15 Mar 2019

I do like my Thread Art but I too have that problem. And sometimes the caps are not smooth and catch the thread. I check for smoothness and if cap comes off I leave it off.

by crafter2243 Moderator 12 Mar 2019

I would just leave them off. Most of my spools do not have caps so I would think that they are not necessary .

parkermom by parkermom 12 Mar 2019

That's true of my other spools of thread too-they don't have caps on them. Wonder why they even put caps on them?

rescuer by rescuer 12 Mar 2019

I read they are there just to hold the thread end.