by babash 10 Mar 2019

Well today was the first day I have had a chance to do any embroidery sewing at all.

Hubby had a nasty fall a couple of weekends ago and had an overnight stay in Hospital. Since the daily visits at home by the Nurse and Physio.
So today was a free day form all of that. Put the Air con on at 6 am as the heat is forecast to be bad again today. Got breakfast out of the way for both of us and off I go to sew.
Do you know how some times our brain just doesn't work quite right? I was so excited to get started I forgot to check the format of the design before I put it on the USB for the machine. Spent a good 10 minutes trying to find in in the machine. It was not there. Took it back to the computer yes it is there. Back to the machine no it is not there. So back I go to the computer again and that is when I see it is the wrong format for the machine. Fixed it and all systems go.
As my Mum used to say "go slower and you will get there faster"
So to anyone having drama's with your machine not showing design check the format it could be your fault. LOL.


by cfidl 13 Mar 2019

I have a machine that takes anything I can see in the software, although I like to stick with pes. I learned that with Christie here. We both learn so much, I think the saying goes... 2 heads are better than one! Lol! Glad hubby is good, enjoy your stitchin!

by lbrow 11 Mar 2019

Mum was right. I have always said " the hurried I go , the slower I get" lol usually because I miss something in between. Hope hubby is much, much better now.

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babash by babash 11 Mar 2019

I knew I was on a tight time frame and wanted to get so much done but it took longer to get started with me doing silly things.
Hubby is feeling better on Friday I take him to see our Doctor and he wants to go for coffee while we are out so that is a positive. Thanks for your concern

by 02kar Moderator 11 Mar 2019

I'm so glad things are looking better for you and your hubby. Enjoy every chance you get to stitch.

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babash by babash 11 Mar 2019

Yes things are getting better now just need the heat to go away.

by dailylaundry 11 Mar 2019

I have done the same thing!!! Your bows turned out great!! Hope your hubby is feeling better!!!

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babash by babash 11 Mar 2019

Yes I was so pleased with the bows. They were the 2 in a hoop so keen to try another size.

by dragonflyer 11 Mar 2019

Sorry to hear about your husband's fall, Barbara, but glad he is on the mend. I have had days just like this! Glad you finally got it all sorted out. Your projects look fabulous.

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babash by babash 11 Mar 2019

Thanks things slowly getting back to normal.

by pennifold 11 Mar 2019

So sorry to hear that you were having machine issues. It's easy to do. My Brother won't take any other format than PES, so I have to make sure I put that one in each time. For the Husqvarna there are a few I can use. Your sewing projects turned out great by the way. Hope hubby is recovering well. Love Chris

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babash by babash 11 Mar 2019

Machine issues were all mine too much on my mind.

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by shirley124 edited 12 Mar 2019

I know just how you feel. Had to call the ambulance for my hubby this mornng. He woke at 5am with the shakes and then started vomiting. They did a few tests and xrays. Thank goodness he only needed some antibiotics. It threw me out for the whole day. Hope your hubby will be up and about without having the nurses and physio coming in all the time. I know how disrupting that is. Hugs to you both.

babash by babash 11 Mar 2019

Things are improving he is pottering around with a walking stick slowly getting there.
Hope your Hubby is feeling better and the antibiotics fix him.

shirley124 by shirley124 12 Mar 2019

Thanks. He is feeling much better today.

by crafter2243 Moderator 11 Mar 2019

Oh boy I have done that. As I see, once you got going, you were really busy and created some great items. I hope your husband is feeling a whole lot better.

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babash by babash 11 Mar 2019

Yes I was pleased I got something finished. Than you he is slowly getting a bit more mobile. Still having visits by nurse
but not daily so some free hours.