by babash 14d ago

Hair Bows.

I asked about these bows 2 weeks ago and Dailylaundry was able to help guide me to the site.
Well finally got 4 done. I used nylon fabric left over from would you believe the 70's. I inherited 2 boxes full of fabric from Mother in Law and found these in it. As I hadn't tried the pattern out thought why not use something a bit different as a test run. When I get a chance I will make some more with cotton fabric.
Thanks for looking


by sonjapotgieter 12d ago


by blueeyedblonde 13d ago

They look great!

by basketkase 14d ago

Fantastic hair bows...…..Love the fabrics!

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babash by babash 13d ago

Thank you

by dailylaundry 14d ago

Didn't these turn out great!! Love the fabric - exactly something my little Granddaughter would love!!! Doesn't it make you feel wonderful to use up fabric that you haven't touched in a while? Hugs, Laura

babash by babash 13d ago

I am so pleased with how they turned out. This was the 2 at a time size in a hoop going to do some of the other sizes as well.
If it wasn't for your post I wouldn't have even known about the design.

dailylaundry by dailylaundry 12d ago

I was very happy to help!

by noah 14d ago

There look cute good teem work also hugs

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babash by babash 13d ago

Thank you. Yes Cuties are the best at helping each other.

by dragonflyer 14d ago

They look great Barbara...and the fabric is a blast from the past!

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babash by babash 13d ago

Thank You. Remember Crimplene well there is even some of that in the stash.

by pennifold 14d ago

They are wonderful Barbara. Well done, love Chris

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babash by babash 13d ago

Thank you

by lilylady 14d ago

These are great. I love 70's material.

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babash by babash 13d ago

Thank you. Yes the patterns on the fabric are great shame it is nylon too hot here to wear a garment from it.

by crafter2243 Moderator 14d ago

With dailylaundry's help and your stitching these turned out so cute.

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babash by babash 14d ago

Thank you. It is all in the hoop and so quick