by Barbaric 06 Mar 2019

Anyone who is interested in the tartan mesh from Pennifold's bag I am going to contact the shop tomorrow and see if it is still available. He carried many beautiful plain colours and there was many different shades of the tartan. I will let you know if it is till available. Love Barb


by mariagiannina 07 Mar 2019

I would be interested too. We are coming down your way next week, so if you can tell me where you got it, I could go buy it myself. Our local fabric shop carried a few colours when these mesh bags were popular, and I made a few different colours.
Thanks Barb.
Mary C.

by babash 06 Mar 2019

Would be interested to know more about where to get it from.

by toogie 06 Mar 2019

I just would like to know what kind of shop you found this. Was it a fabric shop? We have black at garden centers, like home improvement stores. At least, I am assuming it's the same mesh.

by pennifold 06 Mar 2019

Hi Barbara,
I, for one, am definitely interested. Love Chris