by Kampfzwerg 21 Feb 2019

Help please: ArtLink8 and Wilcom TrueSizer 4e

My HP notebook died after Window set-up. Win7 has to be reinstalled. My ASUS notebook had no embroidery software on it, so I downloaded ArtLink 8 for ART-files and Wilcom TrueSizer 4e for EMB-files. Both of them do not convert to other embroidery formats anymore. Have you Cuties any experiences with it? Hugs


by madalou 21 Feb 2019

il faut télécharger Wilcom True Sizer e2.0 version gratuite qui fonctionne très bien et me change tous les formats , pes art jef ect

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by dragonflyer edited 21 Feb 2019

That is very strange...If you look at the description of what this new version does, it states that it will export to 22% more additional machine formats. Are you sure there is not the option to export and save to machine formats? You should not be using "Save As", but need to EXPORT.

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Kampfzwerg by Kampfzwerg edited 22 Feb 2019

I was ambushed by a virus and had upcomming feaver and have to admit, I ignored it. So do not drive, make descisions or do something dangerous under the influance of a feaver. As you can see: no straight thinking yesterday. I`m much better and every thing is better and clearer now. Thank you, hugs