by crafter2243 Moderator 20 Feb 2019

Yesterday I was blessed with a special gift. My great-granddaughter was born. 9 pound 7 oz. Her 2 brothers and her little sister are over the moon about her and so of course is my grandson and his wife. Just wanted to share with my Cute family.


by shirley124 21 Feb 2019


by lildoll2 21 Feb 2019

it is always nice to see a new face in the family, enjoy your new little one, xoxo DORIS

by 02kar Moderator 21 Feb 2019

Congrats to you and the rest of the family! I never tire of good news and Great news is even better I hope you get to hold her soon. be sure to give her and her family a Cute hug for the rest of us.

by dragonflyer 21 Feb 2019

Such wonderful very happy for your family... Hopefully you will be able to share a picture and her name! I know someone that is going to be very busy making new baby girl items!!

by stork 21 Feb 2019

Congratulations!!! What a special blessing. I bet you can't wait to get a chance to hold her!!!!!

by toogie 21 Feb 2019

Congratulations! It's a GIRL! Pink. lace and frills!
We don't have too many girls here, lot more boys but when it comes to sewing for them, I'd much rather sew pink, lace and doll it up a bit! I must say she is a whopper at 9 lbs 7 oz!

by sdrise 21 Feb 2019

Congratulations to everybody!! How exciting to have a new little one! Make sure you spoil them!! hehe

by basketkase 21 Feb 2019

Congrats to all...… is always a blessing to add new members to the family.....

by lbrow 21 Feb 2019

Marvelous Angie, Grands are a blessing, Great Grands are a dbl blessing. So proud for you and glad all are doing well..

by sewdeb 21 Feb 2019

What wonderful news, Angie! Congratulations to all! I can hear the hum of your sewing machine from here! Hugs*, Deb

by gerryvb 21 Feb 2019

Wow, how wonderful , I'm happy for you and whole family with this great blessing. hope you can hold her in your arms very soon..... and new opportunity to make lovely baby items again. Enjoy ! Hugs/ love for you.

by marianb 21 Feb 2019

Congratulations to all.

by pennifold 21 Feb 2019

Congratulations Angie, a blessing indeed. Hop you get to see her real soon. Love Chris

by rescuer Moderator 21 Feb 2019

Wonderful news!

by graceandham 20 Feb 2019

Blessings on this new life and for joy among the family. I'm sure you are about to embark on some special stitching projects if not already.

by dailylaundry 20 Feb 2019

Hope you can share a picture of this new little sweetheart! Hugs to you and yours! Laura

crafter2243 by crafter2243 20 Feb 2019

The ones I have are with her siblings and I am bit hesitant to post their pictures. If the parents do so on Facebook I will share

dailylaundry by dailylaundry 20 Feb 2019

Good thinking!!!

by jrob Moderator 20 Feb 2019

How wonderful for all! You have been blessed and I'm very happy for you. Thanks for sharing a happy moment with us. It's always nice to celebrate with those you love and care about.