by chenille 17 Feb 2019

A HUGE thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes! Our day was quiet and we had a nice dinner at home. My dear husband bought me some gorgeous earrings and a friend came over for tea and cake. The phone was busy too. No one was travelling too far...cold and snow! We are a little depressed as the Dr. has ordered a bunch more tests for my husband and he is feeling a bit unwell.... I hope and pray that things will pick up. Thanks again for the kind thoughts and prayers.

Hugs, Nadyne


by 02kar Moderator 17 Feb 2019

I'm glad you had a peaceful day. A quiet day of phone calls and a good friend makes it special. I'm praying your hubby gets the tests done soon and they figure out the best treatment for him. Keep us updated.

by pennifold 17 Feb 2019

Hi Nadyne, I do hope hubby gets better real soon and I'm so glad you had a lovely dinner and that your friend came over too for your birthday. Love Chris