by mary51 16 Feb 2019

Hello Here is me again. I need help.

I order in the hoop dog s coat two weeks ago, from Cassandra embroidery. Still waiting for it. e mails and no answer. Question is this site is out of business _- But I see it was paid and they took the money. what is going on_


by laurasomi 20 Feb 2019

Sharon got her designs after all

by laurasomi 18 Feb 2019

Did you get your Designs from Cassandra yet ???

by laurasomi 17 Feb 2019

Normally Cassandra mails out the Orders right away or the next day, i ordered some dogcoats on 28.January and received them on 29. Jan. maybe she is sick, cause usualy she is very dependable.

mary51 by mary51 17 Feb 2019

Ir que is sick que should have a second hand. I want to do my dog s coat now. Hoy during summer time. The money was taken.

laurasomi by laurasomi 19 Feb 2019

Sharon, would you please contact me if you still did not receive your Order?? I send you a pm,

by crafter2243 Moderator 17 Feb 2019

Let us know about the outcome please.

by crafter2243 Moderator 16 Feb 2019

I would go to the company you paid with and add a stop to the payment. 2 weeks is too long specially when you do not receive an answer to you inquiry. Check your spam just to make sure the e-mail did not end up in there. Paypal or Credit Card often post a telephone number.
Others may know what is going on with the the owner. I do not, so you may want to see if others have a response.

mary51 by mary51 16 Feb 2019

I did check all my e mails. I used PayPal.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 16 Feb 2019

Go to your pay pal account and put in a claim. I had to do that some time ago and can't remember how it works but it seemed simple. I believe you will be able to call them as well. Tell them that you already tried to solve it with the vendor. In my case they contacted them.

zoefzoef by zoefzoef 17 Feb 2019

Yes paypal has a sort of buyers protection. Open a dispute and they will help you

killiecrankie by killiecrankie 17 Feb 2019

Pay pal takes it out of their account ,after they are satisfied you never received the goods, & puts it into your account.This happened to me ,it took a few weeks to get the money back.It was a few years ago ,things should have improved since then.