by cfidl 14 Feb 2019

Christie has arrived! We have already begun the stitching run. But the food... ooh rah! I become an experimentor with the smoothies if you can call then that. We are doing ice cream with fruit and sprite for the last 2 nights. First night was pineapple and mixed berries, and last night cranberry and mixed berries. The sprite adds a bit of sparkle to the vanilla ice cream. We had to exercise this morning since sitting and eating is what we do best! With the weather so nice, I think we will go to the mountains for a drive tomorrow.


by pennifold 15 Feb 2019

So happy that you have finally arrived and doing such great things together. Have lots of fun you two. Love Chris

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cfidl by cfidl 15 Feb 2019

Her plane was late because the pilot didn't show up. We were sitting there waiting and each group would come out. folks said it takes a while, well finally I found the arrival board and discovered it was an hour late. Lol!

by 02kar Moderator 14 Feb 2019

Yummm, good food and good company! You two have a wonderful time eating, stitching and relaxing.

by jrob Moderator 14 Feb 2019

Enjoy each other's company.

by dailylaundry 14 Feb 2019

It sounds like you both are having a wonderful time!! Enjoy the mountains! Hugs, Laura

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cfidl by cfidl 14 Feb 2019

We have a place called dinosaur mountain in the foothills not too far away. I am hoping we can do that, now that she has knees that work.

by asterixsew Moderator 14 Feb 2019

Sounds great fun. Sorry your so far away or I would pop in for a smoothie and visit you both

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cfidl by cfidl 14 Feb 2019

That would be wonderful for you to come and have a smoothie!

by graceandham 14 Feb 2019

It sounds lovely.

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cfidl by cfidl 14 Feb 2019

It is so much better than cleaning. Lol!

by dragonflyer 14 Feb 2019

Have a good time!

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cfidl by cfidl 14 Feb 2019

Thank you, I did check the weather and we are expecting snow on Saturday!

by lbrow 14 Feb 2019

How marvelous it all sounds. You sound full of happiness and that is terrific!.

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cfidl by cfidl 14 Feb 2019

I am so happy. We are like 2 peas in a pod.