by noah 13 Feb 2019

Oh My what next My lap top died:(:(Got most things so not worried about that Will half to buy new one soon i guess :(:(Just had to tell someone Carolyn


by nurselilly 15 Feb 2019

Mine did too and lost most of my designs that were the free ones anyway :-( so stopped doing anything for a while. I have brought a new laptop now so starting to collect again

by dragonflyer 14 Feb 2019

Oh Bother! It is such a chore to get a new one all set up and ready to sorry to hear.

by lbrow 14 Feb 2019

Oh bless you . It's always an inconvenience when this happens to us. We make the best of it, get another and keep on keeping on. Hope you lost nothing you cannot replace. Love you . Since today is Valentines's Day perhaps you will get another quickly.

by cfidl 14 Feb 2019

Bummer! I was just thinking I need to get a laptop. So that I can be mobile. I rearranged rooms, so now I have a bigger sewing room, although I am stitching in the living room still. My house is my sewing place. Lol!

by pennifold 14 Feb 2019

I hope you get a nice speedy one Carolyn. They have become such a huge part of our lives these days. Love Chris

by shirley124 14 Feb 2019

Oh what a shame. Hope you did not loose to much stuff. Hugs

by asterixsew Moderator 14 Feb 2019

Sorry to hear that. Its on my to do list - buy a new laptop. Have fun deciding what your going to buy as that currently is the process I am stuck in

by sandralane 13 Feb 2019

Oh! , hope you had ALL backed up. It is a real pain having to learn a new system, if different to what you replace the old one with.

by mranderson 13 Feb 2019

I hear you Carolyn. What a scary thought. Good Luck.

by graceandham 13 Feb 2019

Arrgh! I know you are not happy. But, you will have all new and speedy! It's just the troubles in the meanwhile.

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noah by noah 13 Feb 2019

For sure hugs