by rescuer Moderator 08 Feb 2019

Have any of you had Radiofrequency ablation, also called rhizotomy?


by cfidl 11 Feb 2019

I hope it helps. It took 10 years for my arms to get back to where I could use them. The pain originated from my back. I can empathize to some degree. Is your diagnosis thoracic outlet syndrome? Probably too low on the neck. I wonder if this treatment could help with the base of the tailbone. I have been dreaming of stem cell therapy lately. Lol!

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rescuer by rescuer 11 Feb 2019

No, I have severe damage to my neck from autoimmune diseases. The disks are being destroyed and jagged edges are multiplying. I have problems throughout my spine, but this area causes so much pain, no drugs can stop it and I don't want my neck fused -- ever.

by lbrow 10 Feb 2019

Do not know anyone that has had it done. In researching I'm wondering if it would help me and my back. Believe me I kn ow what it is like to have constant pain and it AINT fun. Hope if you have it it gives you total relief.

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rescuer by rescuer 10 Feb 2019

It should relieve my neck pain (not all the side effects from a flat area on my spinal cord or the pinched nerves) but it won't do anything for the other pains I have. Some relief would be wonderful though! If it can help you, I hope you find a great doctor like mine. Hugs!

by crafter2243 Moderator 09 Feb 2019

Never heard of it. All I know that I hope and pray that it will give you the relief you are seeking.

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rescuer by rescuer 09 Feb 2019

Thank you

by 02kar Moderator 09 Feb 2019

My prayers for you are being sent. I certainly hope you find relief and soon. I can sympathize with neck pain.

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rescuer by rescuer 09 Feb 2019

One of my doctors called my neck "a mess!" after viewing the scans and reports. I'm sorry you know about neck pain. They are testing me to see if it my neck causing the vertigo or just my ears or maybe a spinal leak... I hope your has calmed down for y

by sdrise 09 Feb 2019

My husband has had this for many years now.. IT is done with sedation... You don't feel it. IT is done in the hospital. The first one lasted him 5 years for my hubby.... the second 3 years now they last a year or two. He gets a lot of relief from this and is able to function well... It relieves the pain,,,,It sounds scarier than it is. Are you having it done? Or thinking about it. My hubby's advice is do it you will get a lot of relief for a long time.

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rescuer by rescuer 09 Feb 2019

It is next as the recent one for testing worked fairly well. I would love to be able to turn my head without shooting pain. I'm hoping it will prevent the need for fusing my bones in my neck.
I am glad to hear it worked for your DH. Thank you!

by dragonflyer 09 Feb 2019

I had not heard of this...I agree with Chris...sounds painful. If you decide to go ahead, I hope you get some long term relief...

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rescuer by rescuer 09 Feb 2019

Thank you -- me too.

by shirley124 09 Feb 2019

Not heard of it but best of luck if you decide to go ahead with it.

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rescuer by rescuer 09 Feb 2019

Thank you

by pennifold 09 Feb 2019

Sounds painful rescuer, I just looked it all up on the internet. Prayers for a successful procedure for you. I had Cortisone needles in the base of my spine nearly 3 years ago, but that wasn't very successful. I hope this one helps you out. Love Chri

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rescuer by rescuer 09 Feb 2019

Cortisone didn't work. The next series of shots lasted about two weeks and did help reduce the inflammation enough so I could swallow. My neck is a mess!

by basketkase 09 Feb 2019

Not ever heard of it....what kind of procedure is it?

rescuer by rescuer 09 Feb 2019

They use heat (radio-waves) via a large needle -- to burn the nerves that are pinched and sending out constant pain signals from the spine. It lasts about 8 months to a year.

basketkase by basketkase 09 Feb 2019

That sounds fabulous if it gets rid of debilitating pain....neck pain is no joke and can make life miserable....I hope that this is an option that will work for you....