by noah 11d ago

I think i hate this quilt to much fabric everywhere +++Not sure i want to continue++++Lines don't even match up in the pattern Maybe there not to????:(:(Not to happy ) Do u think i should show you the mess???Ok i will but u may not see any more+++Thanks for LQQKING Hugs Carolyn


by shozo1271 7d ago

Caroline, a little guy is not going to see the mismatched lines. He (or she!) will love it no matter how the lines are. The piece of equipment is perfect. The cement bags are perfect. The go sign is perfect. Those are the main focus. Keep going, its going to turn out Great! You are doing a fabulous job. Hugs and Flowers for all

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noah by noah 7d ago

thanks 4 your kind words hugs

by rsehorse 7d ago

Sorry to hear you are having such a time for this design Caroline. know how frustrating that can be, especially when it is such a large project as this one. I considered making it myself but I already missed the first couple weeks. Guess I'm glad I passed on this one. I wish you the best.Hugs, Susan

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noah by noah 7d ago

you can still buy them but+++++talked to a few girls and it is not just me lol

by worthy 9d ago

Understand your frustration, however know you will be able to get it done.
Know there have been suggestion to pick out a block. How about only picking out the dark line on the middle block and use zigzag stitch to place in correct place instead of doing the whole block over. Will not pray for patience for you just pray for strength.

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noah by noah 7d ago

Amen do it hugs

by sewtired 10d ago

I agree with the others, it doesn't have to be perfect to make some little boy happy and I have faith that you have the talent to overcome some of these imperfections.

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noah by noah 10d ago

yep easy peasy throw it in the dump lol but i won't+++++

by shirley124 10d ago

I see what you mean, but please do not give up. I am sure some little boy would love it and not see the imperfections. No one is perfect, certainly not me. Keep going. Hugs

noah by noah 10d ago

Thanks Shirley i think i will but need a break++++

shirley124 by shirley124 10d ago

Yes take a break, have a Kit Kat. Sure may help. I would help you finish it if I lived over there near you.

by peafarm 11d ago

Only place I see is that arrow--does it look like that on the site that sold the design? I will have to go see it if I can. Like one of the ladies said--maybe an inspiration will com to cover the spoilage [crooked arrow] like find a hard hat, construction one or is you have the software where you can trim some 'rocks' and hoop this block again to embroider extra rock to hide the arrow.. Something will come to you--you are an idea person. The designs sewn itself are pretty amazing and no puckers at all. Great looking-don't stop!

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noah by noah 10d ago

I am starting again soon just need a break from the design thanks hugs

by lucy12345 11d ago

I feel you should just continue on and do your best, any child would be thrilled with it!!!

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noah by noah 10d ago

I willl;;;;'''Just need to change a few things lol

by sonjapotgieter 11d ago

Awesome and lots of work put into it!!!Hold on!!Gorgeous!!

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noah by noah 11d ago

Thanks Sonja hugs4u2

by queenofhearts 11d ago

I agree Carolyn. There are a lot of problems with this design, one of which is that the stitching is too dense where some of the blocks need to join. You know how many times I have restitched mine. But as I have told you we are our own worst critics. Hang in there. If there is anyone thinking of doing this quilt you might want to reconsider, but I am too far into it to give up now.

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noah by noah 11d ago

I hear ya!!!!!thanks:):)

by S1erickso 11d ago

That is marvelous. Look at the lines of the machine and the falling rock.
The arrow may need adjustment or some addition when the quilt is done.
"anyone loose a hat to cover the jog?" If it will not line up, look at the finished design for inspiration for a 'hider' piece. A button that looks like a hat. Something will occur to you. THIS is a very hard piece and your too good to let a little tweak stop you.

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noah by noah 11d ago

Thanks for your kind words hugs

by basketkase 11d ago

Don't give up on it.....I think it is fabulous...looking forward to the rest!

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noah by noah 11d ago

thanks Vicki+++

by stork 11d ago

You are doing a wonderful job.......Keep working on it!
I can't wait to see it finished!

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noah by noah 11d ago

thanks for looking hugs

by toogie 11d ago

Trug on! I can see your outer edges are even, so I don't know how you could bring it up at #12 for the arrow line to align. It would be disappointing after all your work. Maybe rip or un-pick just that block and re-sew (I know no one likes to do that but sometimes it's necessary) being careful when you sew the blocks together, to align the arrow line.
I know it really will be nice when completed and you'll enjoy it then too. You go girl!

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noah by noah 11d ago

Ah thanks Toogie girl++++

by dragonflyer 11d ago

Keep going my friend! There is really only one block that is really out of alignment...the more blocks you get done, the less it will be noticed...perhaps you can unpick that block and "fudge" it into alignment a bit better...don't get discouraged...the more you do, the better you will get.

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noah by noah 11d ago

You think sew Kim ???Thanks+++

by sandralane 11d ago

Carolyn I think it looks great, a mammoth task for a quilt your not happy with how the designs stitch. Why not send Stitch Delight an email, telling them what is happening may be they have some suggestions to help you. Do you have to have the large numbers on it? Perhaps you could substitute one of the plain ones like the start or 6 / 7 . When I looked at the site and the other blocks, there is a lot that will join designs together, and a lot of blanks It will look stunning when finished if that is what you decide to do. Good luck with such a big project

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noah by noah 11d ago

Thanks Sandra i was wondering what the next piece will do match or what???/hugs

by blueeyedblonde 11d ago

Keep on with it! Only way you're going to conquer it and you will end up with an other project well done!

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noah by noah 11d ago

Thanks hugs4u2

by Clarence1 11d ago

I think you should carry on it looks great! Get yourself a
Plastic box and put all your fabric in there while you are constructing your quilt take out what you will be working with for the day. Happy stitching.

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noah by noah 11d ago

Thanks for looking hugs

by pennifold 11d ago

It looks so good with all the other squares Carolyn. Can you just try to redo the ones that don't line up? Love Chris

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noah by noah 11d ago

yes i could ++++