by noah 03 Feb 2019

When you burn wood every 4 months u need to throw in wood from your outside wood shed Well this was our job yesterday.He fills a wheel barrow full of wood pushs it over to the hole(window) then throws it in+++

#1 Picture is the hole cut in the foundation of our house to throw the wood into the basement wood room
#2 Is me starting to pile wood on both sides of the wall it holds 7 cord but we only threw in 5 So John can have room at his work bench on the right
#3 Is John throwing in wood unto the floor for me to pile
#4 John peeking in asking me is the first row piled yet??lol
#5 The first 1/2 is almost full about 2.5 cord
#6 Finished till spring++++As i said there is still room in that section and it could of held a large row right across but men need room lol
Thanks for LQQKING++++And Sorry some pictures are sideways Hope you don't get a sore neck looking Carolyn


by cfidl 11 Feb 2019

You do a very neat job packing that wood in. Do you get it already cut or do you also do the wood chopping? 7 cords is a lot.

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noah by noah 11 Feb 2019

We go to the bush with the bugs cut it throw it into an truck bring it home a split it then pile it for a year +++
Lots of work but the wood is free+++

by blueeyedblonde 05 Feb 2019

We used to have one side in the basement with a pile of wood and two or three (can't remember for sure) rows deep. My first hubby and his brothers and cousin would get together and go cut down trees (had to have permits and given specific areas to go) and cut them up into logs the right size for the wood stove. We had electric heat and supplemented it with the wood. It smelled so good and was a much evener heat. I miss it.

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noah by noah 05 Feb 2019

Yes thats what we do the same ++hugs

by pennifold 05 Feb 2019

My goodness Carolyn, what a lot of effort to transport it into the house. How are your muscles the next day? I'm glad you can keep warm with those temperatures. Cannot fathom how cold it must be, we never get those temps down under! Love Chris

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noah by noah 05 Feb 2019

No problem i am in shape even if i look porky lol

by lbrow 04 Feb 2019

I can just see all the work involved. What do poor widow women with no help do?. I trust the neighborhood helps them.

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noah by noah 05 Feb 2019

yes they do we help or sale for half price or whatever they can afford but most use oil and are on equal billing per month per year+++

by shirley124 03 Feb 2019

Boy what a job. You will be able to keep nice and warm now that is done. Hugs

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noah by noah 04 Feb 2019

yep always 75 in the house and - outside

by clintonmiss22 03 Feb 2019

Wow! Good job. Bet you'll have some sore muscles tomorrow. We used to have a wood stove. My hubby still misses it 12 years later. It was not our total heat source, or got as cold as your winters, so never needed that much wood! :0)

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noah by noah 03 Feb 2019

Even today we call it nice but it is -14 to -20

by babash 03 Feb 2019

Gosh what a lot of work you two did to restock. I am guessing when the weather turns nice again then you have to gather wood and restock the outside shed again ready for next winter.

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noah by noah 03 Feb 2019

we have 2 years of wood in our shed but every year we restock for sure hugs

by 02kar Moderator 03 Feb 2019

Brings back memories. My brother heats his house using pellets for his stove.

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noah by noah 03 Feb 2019


by dragonflyer 03 Feb 2019

Wow, that's a lot of wood...and a lot of work...but well worth the effort to keep you both warm and toasty!

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noah by noah 03 Feb 2019

Yep there is no heat like wood heat

by lilylady 03 Feb 2019

LOL! When I had wood heat my house was so toasty warm. I do miss it, but couldn't do it by myself. Enjoy the extra work. Hope you warmed up like we did. 25 degrees yesterday

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noah by noah 03 Feb 2019

nope -20 today:(:(