by noah 30 Jan 2019


Took John to see eye Doctor to check on the shingles in his eyes and to see how mine are doing+++We were gone for 12 hours 8 of that was driving ANYWAYS+++++
When we got home our water was frozen++++++++
John and best bud John ran a hose to neighbors outside line So we had water 4 a few hours but at midnight that line froze+++Now thawing out both places +++Please pray for warmer weather and to get the lines open+++Thanks carolyn


by michemb 31 Jan 2019

so sorry to hear of all of this, the weather is crazy this winter but I will pray that is gets better because no water is hard to deal with. Pray that your health is better as wellé

by gerryvb 31 Jan 2019

hope and pray warmer weather will come your way soon. In the meantime, try to stay warm and safe.

by robertahilde 30 Jan 2019

I remember when living in the Catskill regions (N.Y.), we used to buy a special electric tape to bind around water's pipes to prevent freezing.
Maybe it is available in Canada also.
Warmest hugs, Roberta

by pennifold 30 Jan 2019

I hope all is going well Carolyn. Your water pipes not working must be an absolute nightmare - never experienced that here in Australia. I will certainly be praying for you all. Love Chris

by sandralane 30 Jan 2019

Carolyn, it is hard for us to imagine such COLD weather here in Australia. Even in winter it does not get down to your extreme conditions, and especially where I am living. Glad to her John's eyes are now cleared up, you two have certainly had a lot to deal with over past months. Pray for an ease in your weather conditions and safe travels, must be scary driving all the distances you cover. Do hope that you soon get water flow to those frozen pipes. Take care/

by shirley124 30 Jan 2019

Sorry to hear about your frozen pipes. Prayers for your travels over the next few days. Please drive carefully. Big HUGS

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noah by noah 30 Jan 2019

i willl do my best with God's help hugs

by sewdeb 30 Jan 2019

I'm so sorry for all you have been going through lately! You sure have had your share of bad luck, ill health and miserable weather!! You are always In my thoughts and prayers. Sending you at least warm thoughts and continuing prayers for all! Hugs*,Deb

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noah by noah 30 Jan 2019

Thanks deb++++no water yet but lots of jugs full lol

by SUEF 30 Jan 2019

Brrrr!!!! Sending prayers and good wishes for a rise in temperatures-and milder weather ahead. So stressful with those temperatures, and I am grateful you made home safe!

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noah by noah 30 Jan 2019

yes me to gotta take Donnie tomorrow and me Friday no rest for the weary+++++

by henalsh 30 Jan 2019

I said a prayer and ask for no broken lines, And no more frozen pipes this winter. for a warm up soon.

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noah by noah 30 Jan 2019

Thanks i need it all +++no pipes broke just frozen in the driveway 8 feet down++++

by asterixsew Moderator 30 Jan 2019

Carolyn in the UK we have a saying 'it never rains but it pours' You sound as if your spending a lot of time driving in poor conditions. Any hospital/medical appointment is stressful with out a long drive in your winter months. Thinking positive thoughts for al of you

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noah by noah 30 Jan 2019

yep and lots more to do yet thanks hugs xx

by graceandham 30 Jan 2019

Been praying, but not about the water! Hope things thaw well and soon.

noah by noah 30 Jan 2019

Still no water++++

graceandham by graceandham 30 Jan 2019

I'm back to praying.

by sewtired 30 Jan 2019

Oh, that is bad news. Did you get a good report on yours and John's eyes? Shingles in the eyes is scary. Also praying that you don't have burst pipes when the lines finally thaw. We live in the south, but when a freeze is predicted, Hubby always leaves a faucet dripping as our water lines are exposed.

noah by noah 30 Jan 2019

No shingles it is all cleared up and she gave him new med's for the pain in his eyes:):) Me no +++more deterioration of the retina but i knew that as my site is not as good as it used to be +++He told me to start wearing my glasses My eyes are still excellent and i hate glasses but i use them here and to read small writing Hugs

graceandham by graceandham 30 Jan 2019

If you use a mouse at computer, try placing it over some of the words we've written and rolling the middle "wheel". Did the letters enlarge? Works for mine.

by Midnight1 30 Jan 2019

Sending prayers your way.

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noah by noah 30 Jan 2019


by cfidl 30 Jan 2019

Wow that is horrible. Do you ever leave a tap running. I have heard this can prevent the lines from freezing.

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noah by noah 30 Jan 2019

yes but we were only gone 10ti 12 hours but it was soooooo cold that day -42 to -55 and we never thought of it++

by lbrow 30 Jan 2019

You are in my prayers everyday. Wish you could stay somewhere it's warm. Come on down, it's only 22 Degrees F here this morning. Carolyn I hope things will be better soon I hate for you to be without running water.

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noah by noah 30 Jan 2019

Thanks i boiled water to do dishes and tried turning on the tape to rinse lol

by crafter2243 Moderator 30 Jan 2019

Praying for you. You probably know that already but I thought I mention it anyway. They always say to let the line drip during those extreme cold spells. It supposed to not let it freeze this way. I hope that is true.

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noah by noah 30 Jan 2019

nope we had it dripping very fast last night after we got it going and it still froze just tooooo cold here+++

by maleah 30 Jan 2019

Prayers for your entire family.

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noah by noah 30 Jan 2019


by airyfairy 30 Jan 2019

I am so sorry that you are frozen up. Just cannot begin to imagine how cold things are with you. Take care.

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noah by noah 30 Jan 2019

thanks i am trying real hard hugs

by dragonflyer 30 Jan 2019

Oh my goodness, Carolyn...I have been worried with the temperatures plunging allover the mid-west and east coasts...I can't even imagine how cold it must be where you live. Please take extra care.

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noah by noah 30 Jan 2019

Yep really cols believe me a dog could freeze in hours ++hugs