by basketkase 20d ago

I, too am staying in today and tomorrow...we are suppose to be 50-60 below zero tomorrow....Yikers! I worked on these for a few days.....they are a set of 8 and are called Heartwork Set......this set will be up on my website tonight....


by killiecrankie 18d ago

Great designs

by pennyhal2 19d ago

I especially like the girl with a stocking cap on and mittens catching hearts instead of snowflakes! I'm a little puzzled though. Were these stitched on fabric? or some other medium?

by sonjapotgieter 19d ago

Wow!!!Really going to be cold!!!Beautiful designs created!!!

by noah 19d ago

Hay welcome to my word -55 yesterday and my water pipes froze+++Anyways love your new designs hugs

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killiecrankie by killiecrankie 18d ago

Turned the cold water tap on this morning & the water was so warm that I thought I had turned on the wrong tap

by 02kar Moderator 20d ago

That is brutally COLD! Ouch. Be careful and enjoy the warmth of your stitching and beautiful kitties.

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basketkase by basketkase 19d ago

Thanks Karen...momma is in her heated box outside, I wish she would let me scoop her up and bring her in..