by noah 26 Jan 2019

Anyone else doing the sew along @ Stitch Delight???Got the first few done now i got 10 outfits to fix for a customer+++When u sew people think u can fix anything++Thing is we prove them right lol

Thanks for looking Hugs Carolyn


by peafarm 30 Jan 2019

Looking great so far-I will have to go to her site to see what it is about. I didn't get my usual newsletter from her today with the free letter--this is 2nd time that has happened and missed the free letter 'D' as Dropbox said code 404-Another commented on DropBox but was never fixed. I didn't look for my DropBox login so I couldn't comment that day and I do direct download to computer and not dropbox. Anywho---looking good. I'm just trying to finish up old half started projects for now. Peafarm

noah by noah 30 Jan 2019

Go to her face book page and get them there ok

peafarm by peafarm 31 Jan 2019

I do not do FB, I don't understand it much and afraid of things being out in public eye--I don't even let relatives post pics of us out there or I tell them not to--don't know if they do or not. I do know a lot of embr. places do have great freebies or specials better than a website. I did try once and had all kinds of people I didn't know wanting to be my 'friend' so I hit the unsubscribe--it took me a while to find that!

by robertahilde 29 Jan 2019

Great design, a lot of work to be done but promising to be gorgeous! Looking forward to see it finished - Hugs

1 comment
noah by noah 30 Jan 2019

Thanks my friend+++++

by marianb 29 Jan 2019

I doing it also, hope to have it done by winter so youngest grandson will have it to play on those wet days with his 3 brothers. I really like how it's like the snakes and ladders game, they love that game.

1 comment
noah by noah 29 Jan 2019

awesome i guess lots are sewing it happy about that hugs xx

by queenofhearts 27 Jan 2019

I'm in. I have my first row done and anxious for the next set to come out. Family has been in the construction business for a couple of generations so this will be very personal. I plan to make 2 of them, a smaller one to be a wall hanging for my son in memory of his dad and granddad and a larger one for a great grandson who doesn't even exist yet. I have three grandkids who are engaged so I am hoping that at least one of them will produce a son in the next few years who will get a quilt. I have 7 great grandkids and each of them has received a quilt

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noah by noah 27 Jan 2019

Good 4 you my friend++++ i have only 3 grand kids and there 24,18,15 So no more babies and every few years they get a new quilt but lately i been sewing so much for others not much time left and when i have time i love my towels lol Hugs

by dragonflyer 27 Jan 2019

What a great quilt project. Nice to do it as a Stitch A Long monthly too.

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noah by noah 27 Jan 2019

Not sure how often i thought it was weekly i like monthly better lol Thanks Kim hugs

by basketkase 27 Jan 2019

So, this is a quilt then? How many will you be doing to complete it? They look great!!

noah by noah 27 Jan 2019

there are 8 in a row and it runs for 8 or 9 weeks i believe ???

queenofhearts by queenofhearts 27 Jan 2019

I think it will take 9 weeks to get the files for the quilt and then week 10 is some accessory files.

noah by noah 27 Jan 2019

thanks i had forgotten hugs

by genin 27 Jan 2019

I like your work ! very beautiful !

1 comment
noah by noah 27 Jan 2019

thanks 4 looking hugs

by sonjapotgieter 27 Jan 2019

It is such a Gorgeous Sew Along quilt!!!Love it!!!Stunning Stitch Out!!!

1 comment
noah by noah 27 Jan 2019

you doing it???

by michemb 27 Jan 2019

the embroidery is lovely, looking forward to seeing the finished product, great job

1 comment
noah by noah 27 Jan 2019

me tooooooooooo

by shirley124 26 Jan 2019

Looks like it will be beautiful when done. Just wish I could get my self into doing something like this. One day I know I will. Hugs

noah by noah 27 Jan 2019

ah come on over we will do it together++++

shirley124 by shirley124 27 Jan 2019

Would be nice but I could not cope with all your snow. Hugs

by pennifold 26 Jan 2019

Well done Carolyn, it's going to be great. Love Chris

1 comment
noah by noah 27 Jan 2019

i hope sew hugs

by Midnight1 26 Jan 2019

Yes-I an doing it. On my list to do tomorrow.

noah by noah 26 Jan 2019

hoop well the wheel outline is touchy ok

Midnight1 by Midnight1 28 Jan 2019

Thanks for letting me know. I see week 2 is available

by babash 26 Jan 2019

Is it a Facebook thing? I haven't heard of it.
Love what you have done so far.

I am with you on the sewing they all say " I know a Woman who can make miracles happen" and buy what ever and want it made to fit. And as you say some how we almost always manage to do it. Takes so much longer as you have to think it through first about 3 times before the scissors get anywhere near it.
Remember take your happy pills first and I always start with the hardest then I know it is all down hill from there.

1 comment
noah by noah 26 Jan 2019

yep 2 done 8 to gooooooooo hugs

by sandralane 26 Jan 2019

Carolyn, I have just looked the site, looks very interesting to do. I am sure you shall do a wonderful job with this one. Some little boy would love this super quilt, love to see it finished. A big project.

1 comment
noah by noah 26 Jan 2019

yep and it will get done as she does it i hopeeeeee hugs