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by basketkase ( edited 24d ago ) 25d ago

UPDATE: Last night was first night we left her room open and everyone was fine this morning...she was sleeping in her little hutch in the basement, so am glad we are leaving that room open for her to feel secure...

Wanted to let you all know that we have released Parfait from her holding cell (basement room)…...she has been coming upstairs and investigating......some hissing from the resident cats and an occasional growl, but all in all it is looking good.....we are leaving her basement room open so she has a place to go that she is familiar with....


by bemara 23d ago

It always needs time and good nerves to the cats approach and have cleared her rank order, with small handycap we supply with more dear and get back also them. To hear nice you have well stood your second syringe, I hope it is getting better for your health, hugs Maria

by 02kar Moderator 23d ago

A high five for you and an extra treat for Parfait. I've followed Parfait's story and knew your love and patience would help Parfait become a full member of the family. I'm delighted to hear the feline part of the family is slowly melding. You must be smiling. BTW, how is your rash doing?

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basketkase by basketkase 23d ago

My rash is gone and I just got my 2nd injection by fed x today, so Tuesday I give myself another shot and pray I don't have any problems...thank you for asking, Karen....

by sdrise 24d ago

Congratulations!!! Love and patience pays off...
My Razz was adopted and became a love bug.
Smokey his brother has to go on special needs. He is a love bug too. Purrs all the time. Smokey has a grade three heart murmur and breaths hard when he plays. He has a fast heart beat. We had a heart echo done on him and he does not need meds. He is on a low fat low salt and high protein diet. Otherwise he is a very loving playful kitten who loves being on you to be cuddled.
I am so happy Pafit is going to have a great life with you both. thanks for what you do for these cats. It takes a lot of patience I know...

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basketkase by basketkase 24d ago

Oh, poor Smokey, but good for Razz!! You are a rock star for getting these guys re-homed....congrats!! Yes, patience is the key!!

by momac 24d ago

Oh! Vicki, you are such a star. These cats sure know where to find a good home. Hugs Maureen

by crafter2243 Moderator 24d ago

Ahhhhhh. Like a family. Getting along and then a spat. This is already a major step to peace in your cat family

by sewtired 24d ago

That's wonderful news. Our 2 cats still have occasional tiffs now and then so I guess the hissing and growls are natural.

by graceandham 24d ago

A great milestone.

by pennifold 25d ago

Glad to hear that she is now roaming around your home. I'm sue she will settle in soon. Love Chris