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by jrob Moderator ( edited 24 Jan 2019 ) 23 Jan 2019

Dearest Cuties,

I hope you will allow me to address something that is causing turmoil on our wonderful site. Although we are like family (think of love), we act like family (think of disagreements). I would ask you to look at each comment before you click submit and weigh it against the way you would speak to your most beloved member of your family. If we do that, and if we see each sentence as one written with the very best intentions, we have achieved the reason this site was developed. So that all people, of all color, all countries, religion or lack thereof, could meet in a safe place.

Making snide remarks and trying to pit one against another is so very ugly and I hope that you can see yourself in this sentence if you are one of those.

Let's encourage each other, not cause dissension.

I realize as a moderator there are some who just naturally tend to need be the center of attention. I have no idea what is lacking in your life (that's not a judgement) that makes that need so great, so just say, "I'm feeling lonely, or tired, or discouraged." I guaranteed that some of your "family" here will come to your rescue. Don't get that attention in a negative way. It eventually will have everyone skipping by your posts in dread of what is being tended like a new fire. Let's tend our posts like a new baby instead.

Please respect what your moderators ask of you. It's not a power play, it's not a show of who's in charge, it's not a put down. It's a request to keep the peace, to let you know the rules, to ask you to respect one another. Help us as moderators come here with a renewed heart and purpose; To further the love of embroidery and to help our fellow stitchers in their search of a wonderfully fun hobby in a loving environment. ☺


by gerryb 25 Jan 2019

I agree with Lillian..well said. The old saying about sticks & bones may break my bones but words will never hurt me is not true!! Words do hurt and sometimes deep!

by lbrow 24 Jan 2019

well said my friend. good advice to look it over and read what you are typing before posting. Surely no one meant to hurt someone's feelings.

by anitapatch 24 Jan 2019

Never seen any hard words here. But of course havn´t red all comments

by zoefzoef 24 Jan 2019

I think I must have missed this ‘battle’ of words.
I do agree that we should all help eachother out in supporting with sewing, or in daily live. There is no way to express what you all mean to me as friends, as members who share the same hobby. I love to read all the stories you all all willing go share.
Just remember, putting words down on paper doesnt mean that the other person understands them in the same way. Sometimes we have the stuggle of people who speak another language, so when they translate to english, they might not select the right word. Or the other person understands this differently. Let us all live in friendship and love eachother.. the world is hard enough.... hugs to all. Linda

by sadp 24 Jan 2019

Thank you for well 'spoken' words. I still get my daily dose of cute but choose to be a lurker. Thank you moderators for the great job you folks do, thank you miss V for a wonderful site and thank you cuties for being there for one another. *hugs S

by asterixsew Moderator 24 Jan 2019

Jrob thanks for posting this and should any Cuties feel that they have any problems send a PM to the moderators. I would include all of them as due to time differences and other commitments in our lives not every one is about daily.

by tinfriend 24 Jan 2019

I used to be VERY active on Cute years ago but because of various issues that I did not agree with, I decided not to partake but just to enjoy my membership and to post Flowers to various Cuties! I still visit Daily and this year decided to continue lurking, enjoy my membership, the generosity of Ms Veronika's Freebies and asking Cuties for assistance IF I should need any!

tinfriend by tinfriend 24 Jan 2019

I will also leave the posting of Freebie links to others as they are more clued up about it than I am!x

airyfairy by airyfairy 24 Jan 2019

So pleased you came back and I was able to help you

by dailylaundry 24 Jan 2019

I have been traveling and have thankfully missed what ever unkindness there was - but, your words, Jerrilyn ring true - respect and understanding is the way to go in every walk in life - and that goes for this wonderful site too!! Well said! Hugs, Laura

by fannyfurkin 23 Jan 2019

It has actually been years since I frequented this site, now I just pop in occasionally but sadly this is why I stopped coming, there was a particular member who no matter what I said I was ready to pounce and contradict me. even though 99.9% of the members here are wonderful helpful caring people it was easier for me to just not bother coming.

graceandham by graceandham 23 Jan 2019

But, we love you. Don't let the one person "win". Enjoy the fellowship. Thank you for all the lovely designs you have given.

fannyfurkin by fannyfurkin 24 Jan 2019

Thank you, I appreciate that, but that person did win. I don't have the energy to constantly defend myself and when I was on here all the time I could not say a thing without being criticized. I am not sure if she is still around but I have no doubt that other cuties can tell me because I am sure someone will know who I am referring to.

by pennyhal2 23 Jan 2019

Thanks for your well written reminder! I appreciate the effort moderators put into keeping this forum so fantastic.

by cfidl 23 Jan 2019

So glad I missed whatever. My heart has been tender lately. I love this site and all my friends here. Hope all is well!

by stork 23 Jan 2019

Thank you for addressing this. The world can be hurtful enough without being "hurt" on a friendly site.

by 02kar Moderator 23 Jan 2019

Thank you!!!! One of my favorite words is respect and I often feel like it has become a forgotten word in our world. I have loved and continue to love the people who make up the Cute family. It's good to know we are always growing and evolving but still try to keep the values that make us a family. Let's keep getting better and stronger and more supportive.

by basketkase 23 Jan 2019

Amen, Jerrilyn!

by sewtired 23 Jan 2019

Well said. I do think sometimes it seems that some under the surface competition is going on, maybe vying for flowers? I've guess I've been fortunate not to see much ugliness in posts. Mostly I see helpful answers to questions and encouragement.

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rescuer by rescuer 23 Jan 2019

We try very hard to keep the messes in PMs. Anything posted on the forum should be taken/read with the kindness the person meant or perhaps a teasing remark. Some of the folks just never learned to be nice!

by pennifold 23 Jan 2019

Oh! Jerrilyn, that was so lovely. I love this site and pray that it goes from strength to strength. Thanks to all of the moderators. Love Chris

by laurasomi 23 Jan 2019

Thank you jrob for reminding everyone how to talk to one another and respect each other. This is such a warm place to come to, its like coming home from a hard day and one always finds a shoulder to lean on to.Thank you for this wonderful warm group.

by gerryvb 23 Jan 2019

let's all try to keep this Cute site: a pleasure to be and to come.

lildoll2 by lildoll2 23 Jan 2019

amen!!! ok doris

crafter2243 by crafter2243 23 Jan 2019

You always find the right picture

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 23 Jan 2019

Perfect picture!

zoefzoef by zoefzoef 24 Jan 2019

Love this picture !

lbrow by lbrow 24 Jan 2019

I whole heartedly agree with you. Guess I have blunders on. Missed it.

lbrow by lbrow 24 Jan 2019

LOL BLINDERS is the word I wanted, not blunders