by noah ( edited 25d ago ) 27d ago

Had time to do a couple towel for my DIL to add to her collection i was asked for 10 or more***Please pray for me i take my brother to Cancer Doctor tomorrow morning to hear the bad news !!!!found spots Anyways I also got kidney issues and doctors can't get results as some !!!!!hijacked all the hospital files from all the hospitals in our area !!!!!Got more med's so i am not hurting badly!!!!Thanks for LQQKING and Listening!!!!Hugs Carolyn Hope !!!!!!!!!! don't mean swearing Mops And i am sorry if anyone else thought my pretty stars meant that cause they sure didn't mean that to me ok!!!!!I could also add i never took typing in school and i only learned computer because i want to sew thus no clue about this sort of this ***Truly Sorry !!!!


by sandralane 24d ago

Carolyn, I think all your towels are first class, you do so much for others, you have a very generous kind heart and nature. You are always there for others ,don't change. Symbols are symbols and we all know you don't mean bad things when you try to express yourself. I do hope that you can get some good results for yourself , and I am sure you are such a comfort for your dear brother Donnie. You can only be there for him come what may and I am sure he appreciates all your efforts and caring. Hope that you are all home safe and sound now, I have been away again and just now catching up on all the news. Take care my friend.

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noah by noah 21d ago

We did great going there never even got lost lol Now 3 more appointments for him yes he is happy and stuck on repeat lol hugs

by anitapatch 25d ago

More nice things. You must be doing things all day long. Always showing new pictures

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noah by noah 21d ago

i try hugs

by rsehorse 25d ago

Love to see all the things you make Caroline. Wish I could get as much done in my sewing room as you seem to accomplish everyday.
I think it is a shame that because people don't understand something that they jump to the worst conclusions. Think happy thoughts fellow stitchers and be supportive. Remember.... "If ya can't say nothin nice, don't say nothin at all."

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noah by noah 21d ago

good one but to late lol love ya hugs!!!!

by babash 25d ago

Hey Carol
Any roof in Australia will be happy to take your excess snow from you.
Stay warm and safe on the roads and keep on showing us your wonderful towels.

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noah by noah 25d ago

Thanks i will try hugs

by peafarm 25d ago

Oh, yeah, and Carolyn--I love your towels!

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noah by noah 25d ago

Thanks for LQQKING!!!!!!hugs

by peafarm 25d ago

Lord have mercy if we come to this site and have to be so correct with correctness and watch everything we do--uh, type. I am here with other blessed digitizers, seamstress, crafters, embroiderer's and the like to drool over everyone's creations, give a flower and most of the time don't have time to type gratitude's as I would like. It takes a lot of time to post our creations, mostly why I quit, but I thoroughly enjoy other's work and skim over the symbols as I haven't a clue either and so what.....

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noah by noah 25d ago

Thanks ya a lot of people are gone now i sure do miss them hugs

by meganne 25d ago

What a load of hog wash!
An asterisk, or any other symbol, is only perceived as a swear word when it is a REPLACEMENT letter, WITHIN the other letters of the actual swear word.
E.g. D$&*N!!!
Now everyone knows I don’t mean darn!

Otherwise, one intention of an asterisk is to bring attention to a specific word or sentence, usually followed by an explanatory footnote at the bottom of the page!

For heavens sake, 3rd grade English taught this at school.

Carolyn I am truly sorry for your family problems and hope things turn around for you soon. Hugs n love, Meg

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noah by noah edited 25d ago

YEpppppppppp.........and thanks.... it is still snowing here another 6 inches today the same yesterday we are running out of room to put it Oh to sit by a campfire:):)hugs

by basketkase 26d ago

These are great towels, the fabrics you choose to use! I have never ever heard of the asterisk being a swear function.....and certainly would never expect it from you......will pray for your brother!

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noah by noah 26d ago

Thanks Vicki i am glad i am NOT ALONE hugs

by robinbird 26d ago

This towel you'd made looks so lovely& circle fabric used on the hanger adds such fun movement too.Trust God will supply you with His courage& you're a great sis to support your brother.Thanks for sharing your project. :~D

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noah by noah 26d ago

Thanks hugs 4 u 2:):)

by lildoll2 26d ago

hope every thing gets better for you , know how that goes , my 32 yr old son is going blind, my 30 yr old granddaughter is and has been for several yrs. , my 21 year old grandson in alaska is fighting for his life he needs a new liver transplant,,,, does this mean i am swearing ? will i should( ****). don't blame her, i use all kinds of these silly keys, never new that they meant swearing.... guess i better watch my potty mouth, how about you get lots of things go wrong and you want to vent alittle , i suppose its better to just keep it in?? by the way i love your towels carolyn, just wish i could keep up with you, you are one special towel lady ...''++ & xo xo doris

noah by noah 26d ago

Glad other people never knew it was swearing i sure didn't hugs and blessing and prayers sent to you and yours hugsxx

robinbird by robinbird 26d ago

Sending you cyber hugs& prayer of hope for healing for each of these dear family members. Know God truly loves each of you& them too. :~D

by babash 26d ago

Love your Towels.
Never thought you were swearing with the stars. Maybe some one needs to come up with a foot stamping on the ground in frustration for us to use.
Your Brother must have a positive attitude to keep fighting the Cancer. As long as the Doctors can keep him pain free it will be a blessing.
Hope you get your results soon and feel better soon.
Sending you a warm hug.

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noah by noah 26d ago

Thanks for your kind words hugs

by jerrib edited 27d ago

Love your towels as always. I don't understand why it was brought to your attention now about using ***** when you have been using them for a very long time. Also it should have been in a Private Message and not in comments for everyone to read.

I know Carolyn and the type of person she is...always giving and doing for others, so WHY now. I did mention it to her in an e-mail, but I guess she didn't understand and kept on using bad for not mentioning it to her again.

Sorry I just had to say something...

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noah by noah 26d ago

Thanks Jerri don't know how long ago u told me this but it never sunk in ..Or i never understood thanks

by sonjapotgieter 27d ago

Beautiful!!!Love the elephant!!

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noah by noah 27d ago

Thanks hugs

by pennyhal2 27d ago

These are such great designs! I'm loving the style of the elephant and raccoon that you've been doing; One of the many things I like about stitching is that it takes your mind away from one's troubles for a while. I'm hoping for the best for you and your brother.

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noah by noah 27d ago

thanks hugs

by lbrow edited 27d ago

Love all your towels and you are always in my prayers.

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noah by noah 27d ago

thanks my friend ********

by mops Moderator 27d ago

Love your elephants.
I can understand your frustration about the missing files and the stars before hijacked are a nice way to hide swearing. I hope they can help you. But why swear after thanks for listening or any other place?

noah by noah 27d ago

not swearing at alllllllllll i never heard that before over here or at least to me it DOES NOT mean that Sorry if u thought so Wowwwwww i am shocked but u learn something everyday :(:( I will try not to use the pretty star again

dragonflyer by dragonflyer edited 26d ago

Seriously, Martine? I think it is a bit presumptuous to assume that any time anyone uses keyboard characters, they are swearing.

by blueeyedblonde 27d ago

Love your towels!
Hoping for some good news about your brother.

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noah by noah 27d ago

Me to but not likely!!!! Mops does !!!!! mean swearing to????

by mariagiannina 27d ago

Love all the towels that you do, these elephants are sew cute!
May I ask where you got them?
Thinking of you and praying for good results for you and your brother.
Mary C.

noah by noah 27d ago

Not allowed to ask send me a private ok

rescuer by rescuer 26d ago

This isn't correct. Anyone can ask. If the design comes from a website that does not follow US and International laws, then the link is not allowed. I've no idea where the "rule" came from that suggests no one is to ask. That is silly. How would new Cuties know?

noah by noah 25d ago

thanks i two thought we couldn't ask sorry..

rescuer by rescuer 25d ago

But Carolyn, we have told you that many times in PM's. The easiest solution is to only get designs from law abiding websites.

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 24d ago

There are so many websites out there that I certainly have a hard time knowing that they are stealing other's work or not. Or, whether a the site itself monitors the designers.

noah by noah 21d ago

Got no clue which ones are good or bad and sure don't understand how to tell?????i do know Disney but that's it And you might half to tell me 10 more time Sorry i cannot remember you will just half to know that I try real hard+++maybe one day u will get forgetful to ???? I sure hope not but what goes around comes around my Daddy used to say++++

by bemara 27d ago

Great elephant Towels, I hope your brother gets good results of the doctor, hugs Maria

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noah by noah 27d ago

Nope nothin good here today !!!!!

by dragonflyer 27d ago

Great job you Queen of Towels! Hoping for positive news about your brother and that you will find the answers you need for your kidney problems...

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noah by noah 27d ago

No brother has cancer 3 times now i think he won't have good news but thanks Kim hugs

by pennifold 27d ago

You're a marvel at all the towels you do. I pray that your Brother can get all the help he needs and you too Carolyn for the kidney issue. Love Chris

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noah by noah 27d ago

Thanks Chris i can always count on your love hugs