by noah 29d ago

My weather for Jan. 19 2019 ****Carolyn

Matachewan, ON Weather
Updated on Sat Jan 19 8:05 PM

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by stock 28d ago

same day we got up 46c in t5he 40sor almost for last 2 weeks, thanks goodness for sewing takes your mind of it...wendy northern victoria

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stock by stock 28d ago

woops pressing the wrong keys

by robertahilde 29d ago

Hi Carolyn,
We also are expecting to be in the forty by the middle of the week!
(40C = 104F)
Hugs from Melbourne - Roberta

by gerryvb 29d ago

oh dear that really is cold !!!
try to stay warm and stay safe inside. I do hope the temperature will soon rise for you. Warm hugs are coming your way)))

by noah 29d ago

Here is this morning after the sun was shining a few hours ***like -41 last night hugs

by asterixsew Moderator 29d ago

Carolyn you have temperatures that I have never been in but also I haven't been as hot as some of the temperatures that Australia is currently having. Its a mild day in my bit of the UK today. Take care and happy sewing while keeping warm

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noah by noah 29d ago

Yep i sit near the wood stove and i like it around 75 or more lol

by Nicky602 29d ago

BBBRRRR!!!! Carolyn.
Keep warm.
Lotsa Love

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noah by noah 29d ago

It sure is last night it hit -43 again **glad i was in my bed but had to make a bathroom visit lol the thermometer is out that window lol

by sebsews 29d ago

And I thought our +2 feels like -16 was cold. Can't wait for spring! Suzanna

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noah by noah 29d ago

Me to ********

by bemara 29d ago

I cannot imagine -40 degrees - brrrrrr, we have at night -10 and day -4 C, this is cold enough for me, I hope you have a warm chimney, hugs Maria

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noah by noah 29d ago

oh yes big wood stove heats my whole house ,wood is free all gotta do is go get it,slit it ,pile it, throw it in your basement, then u get to put it in the stove and burn it Quite a job but it is our way of life ***********

by pennifold 29d ago

I'm coming to live with you!!!!!!!!!!! Love Chris

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noah by noah 29d ago

Oh what funnnnnnnnnnn

by graceandham 29d ago

I've probably asked before - there's a minus in temperature? We've had an afternoon and evening of thunderstorms statewide - spent some time in the basement earlier. We're through till the next weather band. Sugartoes just hides in the closet till the air pressure corrects. So, the thunderstorms indicate the beginning of the shift from winter to spring. However, we are expecting 23 degrees Monday morning, which would be terribly cold for us, and particularly in the mild winter we've had. I am concerned that not enough bugs are being killed off by the cold and we will have another horrendous flea season. Stay warm sweetie.

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noah by noah 29d ago

We all have our issues where we live but the air here is so clean and the water is awesome too **Bugs get killed 4 sure lol thanks for commenting hugs from the frozen chosen****

by barba 29d ago

Oh My! That is super cold. We are suppose to have 10 below with up to 24 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow. Please stay warm and safe. Hugs and Blessings, Barba

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noah by noah 29d ago

It was -40 last night been cold 4 a week now ****hugs