by CrisG82 18 Jan 2019

Where can I find Marine Sharpshooter Vietnam era designs as well as military ribbon/bar designs? I've checked Etsy and they only have a few that I need. GrandSlam Designs is the same situation. Thanks in advance Cuties!


by rescuer Moderator 18 Jan 2019

The link has information about the use of military designs. You might be unable to find what you are looking for because no one has received the rights to digitize any military designs or words associated with the military.

by graceandham 18 Jan 2019

There is a question in the back of my mind whether it would be legal to digitize these official ribbons and bars. Opinions, anyone?

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graceandham by graceandham 19 Jan 2019

Just another thought - you could add the text Sharpshooter below a design that is Marine oriented and not copy protected. Dakota has a really nice set of military designs across the different groups of military and I'm sure they got permission for whatever they digitized, as they have been providing commercial designs for decades and are very careful about copyright.