by Janus48 14 Jan 2019

This is just a little tip you might be able to use. I recently "half" broke a know how that happens. You lift up on something and break the nail so it really hurts and then snags. Well I have discovered if you get out the brush on super glue and put a small dab on the break...then sprinkle on a tiny dusting of baking soda, the super glue hardens immediately and makes a hard bond! You can then buff it smooth and it will hold the nail together for maybe TWO weeks. Right through dishes and showers etc. Keeps the nail from snagging fabrics. Works great! Reapply if necessary.


by sdrise 15 Jan 2019

Wow great tip I used super glue on broken nails before but did not know about the baking soda Thank for the tip.

by momac 15 Jan 2019

Thanks for the tip

by sewdoctor 15 Jan 2019

Thank you!

by graceandham 15 Jan 2019

If you get Superglue on your skin, it becomes a surgical situation. Please be careful around this dangerous product.

sewtired by sewtired 15 Jan 2019


Janus48 by Janus48 15 Jan 2019

Yes it can be dangerous. Certainly NOT something to let kids use. I do believe that fingernail polish remover can dislodge a small amount. Use great caution with with many household chemicals.

by marianb 15 Jan 2019

I'm always breaking nails, I'll try this next time.. Thank you

by pennifold 14 Jan 2019

Great idea, baking soda is a wonderful item to have in your home. Love Chris

by craphael 14 Jan 2019

Genius! Thanks for the tip!!!