by dragonflyer 12d ago

Jan 5 - Morning Glory W at 2nd picture, but click on download...I guess I missed the V because there was no picture I didn't think it was "there"??? Did anyone get the V?


by genin 11d ago

It's the same thing for me, I haven't

by tinfriend 11d ago

No & I also checked constantly! Its so frustrating!

by grammaheh1 11d ago

I missed the V too, and was checking in everyday too.

by sewtired 12d ago

I also have tried multiple times in the past weeks and there was just nothing there except the work "download".

by sandralane 12d ago

I have tried to access the site since the 8th December, and today the letter W. I think that they have missed the letter V somehow ,and today the page when opened no picture and the headings are different as well. Have sent emails NO answers.

by peafarm 12d ago

I think they must have missed the 'V'. I've been clicking it nearly every day to see if letter up yet and nothing--seems like a month of Sundays. Thanks for heads up on W-no pic but will download.

by gdsteliga 12d ago

Glad I wasn't the only one that missed the "V".
Happy New Year!!

by brendalea 12d ago

There was no V. I have emailed them now three times and nothing got done. I am guessing nothing got done over Christmas. Maybe if we all send an email maybe something will get done. Happy Stitching :-)

sewincat by sewincat 12d ago

I sent one as well.. They never answer.

mops by mops 11d ago

being bombarded with emails from everyone would make any digitiser consider never to give freebies again. Just hope she does not.

by vadainez 12d ago

I checked every day also and no V

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dadybrode by dadybrode 12d ago

Me to

by vinnie 12d ago

I also missed letter V

by grangecregniot 12d ago

Moi aussi, j'ai attendu la lettre V longtemps car le lien de téléchargement ne fonctionnait pas.

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dadybrode by dadybrode 12d ago

Moi aussi ça ne fonctionnait pas, et là pas d'image de la lettre W, un dysfonctionnement ?

by gramsbear 12d ago

I kept going back all week and nothing!!!~

by sewdoctor 12d ago

I missed it also....There is more information on the download page today than what has been...Strange!

by joan 12d ago

I must have missed it too.