by noah 04 Jan 2019

Anyone besides me getting this every time you come to cute????Been like this 4 a month now?????Carolyn


by vickiannette 07 Jan 2019

yes, bit disconcerting isn't it

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noah by noah 09 Jan 2019

yes lol

by peafarm 07 Jan 2019

Hi Noah-yes my page always looks like this--not secure site it says too.

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noah by noah 09 Jan 2019

yep *****same here****

by airyfairy 05 Jan 2019

Been like it for ages. On my desk top and my iPad.

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noah by noah 06 Jan 2019

I only started to get it thanks hugs

by stork 05 Jan 2019

Yes Carolyn, I am also getting that message. It is a little concerning. Hope it is being addressed.

noah by noah 05 Jan 2019

Has been for a few years now lol

rescuer by rescuer 05 Jan 2019

I am not sure I understand your comment Carolyn. Care to explain?

mops by mops 06 Jan 2019

In just ten hours that month you mentioned above seems to have grown into a few years - or are you now talking about a different issue.

noah by noah 06 Jan 2019

Sorry i meant days/months

by pennyhal2 05 Jan 2019

I'm not getting least for now. it seems to me if we can send a man to the moon that we could have software that is less complex and easier to program or change. I guess just making people "fix" their computer is just another way to make money. I know that some sites have stopped doing business and I sure understand why.

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noah by noah 05 Jan 2019

Yes always about MONEY or POWER!!!!hugs

by basketkase 05 Jan 2019 is hitting all of us......Jim is currently working on the upgrade to our website as well......he has been working on this for a month and it is all consuming...….he has to make sure each and every design comes over to the new site properly. We will let those signed up for newsletters when we turn over to the new upgraded site. We have had to buy new modules too to work with the upgrade so there are lots of ins & outs to this......if not for Jim, I would not have been able to afford all this work outsourced, so I am fortunate! Our SSL is still covering our existing website and will transfer over to the new one, so all is and will be secure...…..

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noah by noah 05 Jan 2019

Thanks Vicki hugs

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by gerryvb edited 05 Jan 2019

same here too....on windows 7 ( PC) and on new macbook the same)

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noah by noah 05 Jan 2019


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by mops Moderator edited 05 Jan 2019

Not on the laptop I'm using (still use Windows 8.1 on this one). But I know three things:
1. the payment area is https - thus safe;
2. make sure you have a good and up-to-date security program running;
3. anyone can sign in here and read and harvest all information you posted. So be a bit privacy conscious and be careful when you decide to post your email (which we remove anyway) or family stories, photos etc. etc.

In the European Union there are strict rules since April 2018; they've gone over the top, so any information that can be viewed in the public domain needs written permission from the person(s) involved - even pictures of an event can not be posted in the Church's monthly without written consent by adults or parents of participating children. The reason being, there are spares in the entrance hall of the church - the service is open to every one, so anyone could (mis)use the info. Same applies to sport clubs. Or even school class photos. So the websites have to be password protected for anything other than times of services and events, and financial records.

Anyway, we grumble but are privacy and security conscious.

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noah by noah 05 Jan 2019

Yep*********Thanks Mops

by pennifold 04 Jan 2019

Yes, Carolyn it's been on here for a while! Love Chris

noah by noah 04 Jan 2019

I just noticed it when i got some my son calls them puppys wee virus ***

rescuer by rescuer edited 04 Jan 2019

Just to be clear, the SSL or the "s" part that is missing here has nothing to do with PUP's (potentially unwanted programs). Those are often acquired by visiting questionable websites and/or downloading files from infected websites. They might be part of a zipped package or you might think you need the program being offered and give it your permission to run.
Miss Veronika has paid for premium protection from those issues all along. Every file here is safe! It has been this way since I joined in late 2008 or early 2009. I am sure she didn't have trouble before that as well.

noah by noah 06 Jan 2019

What do u use for protection on your computer /laptop/ phone whatever???Am i allowed to ask someone in the know ????Thanks:):)

by shirley124 04 Jan 2019

I am sure it will be fixed in time. I see it on other sites as well. Hugs

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noah by noah 04 Jan 2019

ok thats not so good******

by dragonflyer 04 Jan 2019

We don't see the "http" in the URL for Cute....if it were a secure site you would see the "http" with the addition of an "s" you would see "https" in front of Cute Embroidery....If you look at SICKS' site, you will see he has converted his site to b "secure" so you will see the "https" in front of the www.Sick URL. You are getting a general "security" warning from your security software...but if there is any money involved in a purchase, this site is secure for money transactions...just not the entire site...

noah by noah 04 Jan 2019

Thanks Kim i/we understand now hugs

sewmom by sewmom 04 Jan 2019

Thank you.

by rescuer Moderator 04 Jan 2019

Miss Veronika IS working on this but it requires that she completely redo the websites. In this case it is not as simple as some websites that can just pay a couple of hundred dollars a year for the certificate. Also, it is secure for the financial transactions and always has been.

noah by noah 04 Jan 2019

Yes i know that 4 sure thanks:):) for your info*******

rescuer by rescuer 04 Jan 2019

I should also mention that it is one of the reasons some embroidery sites are closing or closed. Not only were they not getting enough sales, the added expense to "fix" their website and pay for the certificate was just too much.

sewmom by sewmom 04 Jan 2019

Thank you for the information!

sewmom by sewmom 04 Jan 2019

My husband is currently creating a new site also. The old site has to be completely moved over. New things added, for the better, but it's costly and time consuming!

basketkase by basketkase 05 Jan 2019

I feel his pain, Sewmom!!

by sewmom 04 Jan 2019

Here's a screenshot of my FaceBook url. See https at the beginning? That's the s I'm talking about. Secure sites use encryption to keep your information secure such as payment information. I'm not an expert. I linked a Wikipedia site about it for you.

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noah by noah 04 Jan 2019

ok thanks :):)

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by sewmom edited 04 Jan 2019

Yes I see the "Not Secure". This is currently not a secure site. If it's a secure site you will see https. The s at the end means secure. Veronika would need to get the certificate to make the site secure.

noah by noah 04 Jan 2019

explain more u lost me please i see no s???thanks:):)

graceandham by graceandham 04 Jan 2019

A while back we were told that Miss V. is working on this??