by noah 13d ago

And yet another this is the biggest one yet 8x14 that kim made for me****Yes i did the flip and stitch one ladies:):)as u all thought that would last longest *****Thanks for LOOKING the front and back look the same *****Hugs Carolyn


by robinbird 11d ago

This long bib cover looks lovely& the quilting done on it adds nice dimension too.Wondered is there a site for which it might be found or is it an original design?I need to make one for my mom.Thanks for sharing it. :~D

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noah by noah 10d ago

Ask the digitizer ok

by blueeyedblonde 11d ago

Nice job!

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noah by noah 11d ago

Thanks hugs

by pennyhal2 12d ago

Hmmm...I could use a long bib like that! I know a lot of adults would appreciate something that would cover their chests especially as they get old. The cross hatching is so straight on the fabric. Making one bigger was a good idea! What was your inspiration to make a longer quilt?

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noah by noah 12d ago

We had to fill the hoop still got a wee bit of room for longer but not wider lol hugs

by peafarm 12d ago

I really like this a lot. Love that fabric also.

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noah by noah 12d ago

Thanks Mrs. P ****

by sandralane 12d ago

Carolyn, not only the towel queen now the bib queen, that are super special,well done.

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noah by noah 12d ago

Ahhhhhhhh thanks Sanda for your kind words Queenie lol

by christracey 13d ago

It looks great. I don't have a hoop quite that big though. Would be nice to be able to make them in the hoop. We just became great grand parents 2 days after Christmas. :-)

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noah by noah 13d ago

Wow that's great congrats her smaller ones fit a 360x 200 or 8x10 *****

by shirley124 13d ago

Great work you two. Hugs

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noah by noah 13d ago

Thanks Shirley hugs4u2

by pennifold 13d ago

Wow, that's one large bib, well done to the both of you, love Chris

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noah by noah 13d ago

Yes things come big in Matachewan ***lol hugs

by brendalea 13d ago

Very nicely done. Are they all done in the hoop? If so how big is your hoop? Thank you for sharing & Happy Stitching :-)

noah by noah 13d ago

my hoop is 14x8 and yes there all done ith

brendalea by brendalea 11d ago

Thank you, again nicely done. I need a newer machine so I can do things like you do.

by sonjapotgieter 13d ago

Massive Bib!!Gorgeous!!!

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noah by noah 13d ago

lol sure is wish i could make it fatter but ******