by noah 14d ago

This is Green flannel even though it don't look like it ***i did this bib with a satin outline and with the turn inside out way***Which do u like better???Kim has helped me with both Thanks for LQQKING!!!!Hugs Carolyn


by robinbird 7d ago

Seems both of these in the hoop bibs you'd made with the help of another talented lady designer look lovely.Thanks for sharing& looking forward to seeing more delightful projects too.

by shirley124 14d ago

I like both. Cannot pick a winner. Well done to you both. Hugs

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noah by noah 13d ago


by christracey 14d ago

I think they both look great, well done. They look like a nice size for dribbles. :-)

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noah by noah 13d ago

Thanks hugs

by blueeyedblonde 14d ago

I like both fo different reasons.
Nicely done to the two of you!

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noah by noah 14d ago

thanks hugs

by sandralane 14d ago

Carolyn, personally I like the satin edge, I think it gives a good shape. ALL the bibs are outstanding and you both have done a great job with them. Love the COLOUR choices.

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noah by noah 14d ago

green yucky should be purple lol just kidding****

by babash 14d ago

Both look good but the turned under one looks nicer on the neckline. But as I see from Kim's comment she hadn't intended it to be satin stitched around outside.
Even saying that you could get away with either one.

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noah by noah 14d ago

yes 4 sure hugs

by pennyhal2 14d ago

I like the fuzzy look the flannel gives it and I like the bottom photo best. However, I think so much of ME is the stitcher's choice and and the function of the stitched project. In a bib, I'd like a softer edge than a dense satin stich might give it. It's one of those things I'd like to feel first before deciding.

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noah by noah 14d ago

i know what u mean lol thanks kims so good at these*****hugs

by dragonflyer edited 14d ago

Well, the satin border finish will look MUCH better when I send you the design files that are actually made to have a satin border....The design file you are using was not made to have a satin border, so it is a bit messy to me...So my vote is turned with a top stitch... I will get you the new design files soon! I need to write instructions and test it...
patience my friend,

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noah by noah 14d ago

lol ok Mommy i will try hugs