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by dragonflyer ( edited 15d ago ) 15d ago

Jan 2 - Sweet Treats R and Ellie V at Tattered....
Swirls U at A Stitch A Half....
Becky J Designs has now closed their website...too bad...


by markus 14d ago

Thank you

by sdrise 14d ago

Thank You!!

by marianb 14d ago

thank you

by graceandham 15d ago

Didn't Becky gift us with lots of beauty over the years. I wish her much happiness.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 15d ago

Ahhh, yes she did...I will miss that site!

stork by stork 15d ago

I loved her designs. So sorry to see her closed. Wish her the best.

heleninca by heleninca 15d ago

I have had some of her designs since 1999. I will miss her.

stork by stork 14d ago

She did send an email stating her designs are at secret for sale.