by basketkase 01 Jan 2019

New Year and new project for Tyler.....this is one of the jackets he made, I love that he put plaid flannel under where he purposefully frayed it......instead of him having me make patches, he is having me sew it out directly on the jacket and using a border to give an illusion of patches.....saves him work and me too, as I don't have to put the patch stuff on the back...…..I did 2 on the sleeve and one on left chest......


by pennyhal2 02 Jan 2019

Adding patches that are not patches is a brilliant! While it may be popular to wear frayed clothes, I worry that in the long run it may actully fray to the edges of the stitching around it. It could always be trimmed if he changes his mind. I do a lot of frayed edge applique, but not this frayed!

by pennifold 02 Jan 2019

Outstanding Vicki, he will be well pleased. Love Chris

by sonjapotgieter 02 Jan 2019

Job well done!!So Beautiful and clever!!!

by dragonflyer 01 Jan 2019

Well, they sure look like patches....good job!

by babash 01 Jan 2019

Gee you know when you are old when you think why would you want to put holes in it before you sell it.
Yes I know it is the fashion but I have thrown better clothing out than what is sold today.
Saying that I think this young fellow is clever to make what the market is demanding.
You both have something to add well done.

by noah 01 Jan 2019

Love the way it looks great job Vicki as always hugs