by noah ( edited 31 Dec 2018 ) 31 Dec 2018

A kid that grew up with my now men in their 40's owns and runs his own shop He will put them in a frame He lives about 24 hour drive from my house saw my towels and asked if i could do a couple of these wrench's on plain black fabric for his shop ***So there now in the mail to him ***Thanks Kim and Julia for making these for me so i could share with others ***Now my son asks for one for the police station lol I guess you really can't fix stupid right police??? Hope your neck don;t get sore trying to see these ???Happy New Years Hugs Carolyn xxxxx


by blueeyedblonde 03 Jan 2019

Guess you've done too good of a job! Everyone wants one!

Lol. Good job!

by sewtired 02 Jan 2019

These are perfect. I especially like the solid silver one, almost looks like you could pick it up and use it. I think if I had this saying on a hammer or saw or sheet rock tool, I might give it to a few of the construction workers that have worked on our house the past 2 years. Problem is, they probably wouldn't understand.

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noah by noah 02 Jan 2019

lol not likely but try ****hugs

by peafarm 31 Dec 2018

Isn't that saying so true. Love the wrench. It will look great in that shop.

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noah by noah 31 Dec 2018

i can't wait till he sends me a picture*****

by babash 31 Dec 2018

They will look good framed. The Silver one looks great the thread makes it look like it is actually metal.
I can see more of these in you future.

noah by noah 31 Dec 2018

lol don't say that i made 10 already i need a change lol hugs

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 02 Jan 2019

Well, that's turns right side up if you click on the picture!

by dragonflyer 31 Dec 2018

Well...these are certainly becoming very popular! Glad I could help you out...

noah by noah 31 Dec 2018

yes i am needing to try something new now*****

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 31 Dec 2018

The silver one that I did for you almost looks real in your stitch out!!

noah by noah 31 Dec 2018

Except someone put it upside down another thing i don't get i made sure it was right side up but********

by dday 31 Dec 2018

Love this would like the design for a gift.

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noah by noah 31 Dec 2018

Ask the digitizer then lol

by pennyhal2 31 Dec 2018

I love this design too!!! I sure understand why they would want these.

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noah by noah 31 Dec 2018

yes i think i have made 10+ now