by basketkase 28 Dec 2018

The Autumn letter Y is fixed...….you can now go download it......thank you....


by momac 29 Dec 2018

Thank you Vicki. I wish you everything of the best for the coming year. 2019 probably will fly by just as fast as this year did. Hugs from Maureen and my 4 kitties from South Africa

by genin 29 Dec 2018

Thank you and an Happy New Year for all you make for us !

by graceandham 28 Dec 2018

This has been such a sweet little alpha to receive - I have great plans for it! Thanks so much.

by dragonflyer 28 Dec 2018

Thank you, Vicki...both for fixing the "Y" and also for your kindness and ongoing are one of a kind!

by sewdoctor 28 Dec 2018

Thank you.....for the whole Alphabet! Happy New Year!