by raels011 27 Dec 2018

feeling lonely and thought would check out Cuties. It has been a while. Was wondering if you did a secret santa this year


by airyfairy 30 Dec 2018

Have missed you Raelene. Good to “see” you and I hope you are well. I hope this coming year will be a kind and good one for you. Hugs Sarah

by mops Moderator 27 Dec 2018

Nice to 'see' you again. Christmas can behard when you miss the most important people in your life.
Wishing you good company and happy times in the New Year.

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by crafter2243 Moderator edited 27 Dec 2018

I am glad you checked in. I hope that some of your loneliness has been cured. The holidays can be sad reminders of the ones we miss. They also can bring back fond memories. When ever we get together as a family inevitably we end up talking about funny and happy instances in the past that included members no longer with us, and it always brings us joy now. My wish is that you will get there.

by sewdeb 27 Dec 2018

I'm glad you sought us out - there is always someone about willing to lend a shoulder or ear or whatever you may need. I do hope you had friends and family around over Christmas and now you have us, too. Hugs and you are in my thoughts and prayers, Deb

by maymason1 27 Dec 2018

you can't feel lonely with this crazy family around, pull out your sewing machine and create. when you finish take out a phonebook, pick an address and send your creation to a stranger. spread happiness!

crafter2243 by crafter2243 27 Dec 2018

What a wonderful idea. Good use for a phone book besides drying flowers between the pages. I think they stopped making them in the meantime. Internet......

zoefzoef by zoefzoef 29 Dec 2018

If do dont have a phone book... use the cutie list :-)

by maleah 27 Dec 2018

Good Morning to you Raels… We are having a very windy and expected rainy day here in Tennessee. You are NEVER alone when the Cuties are around... Just give a shout out and we are listening. God Bless. Secret Santa?? Mine bought me a new car...

toogie by toogie 27 Dec 2018

wo-who maleah! You must have been really good!-lol-what kind, color?

graceandham by graceandham 27 Dec 2018

Now, I wish I knew which Cutie THAT might have been.(Giving the car...) Just teasing And congrats to Maleah.

by dragonflyer 27 Dec 2018

Hi Raelene...glad you found some time to pop in for a Cutie Hello! Sorry to year you are feeling lonely....hope our Cutie greetings can cheer you up a bit too. I hope you were able to spend Christmas with family and friends...wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year.

by graceandham 27 Dec 2018

Hi Raelene, good to see you pop in here. We're all here, just a bit more tattered and tired! Big hug from Alabama.

by gerryvb 27 Dec 2018

sorry to read you were feeling lonely, hope being here on Cute made you feel better. Here's a very big hug for you hope it works....

by toogie 27 Dec 2018

Look at Avery here, helping Mom and Nora make Santa Christmas cookies. Now this ought to help cheer you up!
Know that you are cared for -In Christian Love-Toogie and family!

toogie by toogie 27 Dec 2018

I am sorry that you're feeling lonely and I know you miss your dh especially through the holidays....I AM glad you checked in here though. You know we may not always know the times you need us, but when you let us know, we are here to get you through.
Sue wasn't sure about the Secret Santa, as interest had waned. I don't think it was done, as far as I know. I only participated once, but enjoyed it. I really enjoyed seeing the different gifts each Cutie came up with.
Have you been making anything?

airyfairy by airyfairy 30 Dec 2018

So good to see Avery with her mum. Great picture

by pennifold 27 Dec 2018

Hi Raelene, I know it must be hard for you this year with Ray gone, but I, like Laura, hope you got to spend Christmas with some of the family.
I see on our weather map that PP had 42+C today. We got to 37C and I've been sitting in front of our air cons today.
In reply to your question we didn't do a SS this year. Hope to see some of your work in the new year. Love Chris

by dailylaundry 27 Dec 2018

Raelene, hope you spent Christmas with family!!! If there was a secret Santa this year - I didn't get to hear about it. Last I knew Sue was debating on if she should do it or not. And that was the last I read about it. I see things I have received in the past from secret Santa's - in different parts of my house and it make me smile! Have you been stitching lately? Hugs and love to you friend - I know the holidays can be difficult! Laura