by jenne 26 Dec 2018

I made a friend of mine a Bible cover, I just gave it free, and she gave me this, I put some decorations around and put it on my table. I think it is so pretty.


by gerryvb 27 Dec 2018

adorable !! perfect place on the table. very pretty

by sdrise 27 Dec 2018

Beautiful and useful!! Great gift!

by lilylady 27 Dec 2018

Very pretty teapot.

by Barbaric 26 Dec 2018

great teapot

by graceandham 26 Dec 2018

A lovely Christmas look.

by joycedia 26 Dec 2018

Looks like she really appreciated the Bible cover you gave her.

by sandralochran 26 Dec 2018

Love it

by crafter2243 Moderator 26 Dec 2018

Very special. This will fit perfectly in your collection.

by pennifold 26 Dec 2018

Wow!Jenne, that is one awesome looking teapot. Well done on giving her the bible cover, she must have loved it. Love Chris

by sewdeb 26 Dec 2018

Oh, my, this is so lovely! Your gift must have meant a lot to her!

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jenne by jenne 26 Dec 2018

She is a very sweet lady.

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by toogie edited 26 Dec 2018

I love it! I have a few teapots in my kitchen window sill . This one is beautiful so your friend must have really liked the cover you made her. Love, love love it!

jenne by jenne 26 Dec 2018

I would live to see all your teapots, My hubby often gets me teapots on special times.

toogie by toogie edited 26 Dec 2018

Here are the ones in my window...did they not go through? Is yours by Fitz & Floyd? My green Santa on the left is the only F&F I have.I wonder, but know you can't ask, where she found this one. Sure is pretty.

gerryvb by gerryvb 27 Dec 2018

wow !