Christmas Pack - 11 designs in this pack

Design #: 10766893
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Size (in): 3.15"(w) x 3.15"(h)
Size (mm): 80 x 80
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holidayfont pack christmas
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Andrei by Andrei 25d ago


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Thank you for the lovely font. Merry Christmas & Happy Stitching :-)

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Godetia33 by Godetia33 26d ago

Swissniss1917, Dec 21st is Amazing Gingerbread Font and it is at Cute Alphabets for $5 It was also free at Amazing Embroidery Designs Sept 18, 2013 thru Oct 13,2013.

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Thank You Merry Christmas

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I could not download December 21
How can I get it.Thanks

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Thank you once again for sharing your wonderful Christmas sets🎄🎁❄😊

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thank you for the beautiful christmas designs

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Thank you so very much for all of the Adorable Christmas packs! Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas!

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