by dollygk 18 Dec 2018

Hello Cuties, When I tried to open my Embird program about a year ago I got this message, see photo, and thought I had to make payment for the newest upgrade of the program. Because I have not made the payment I have not been using the program for this whole year. W.E.L.L. I tried to open the program again today and sat and read the entire message..... at the end I just clicked the Activate button and the program worked!! I guess the program just wanted to be reminded of my activation code...

Soooo I wanted to notify other Embird users that they should not be in a hurry when they get error messages... READ them and don't have a brain fart like me LOL Hugs Dolly


by sewist1 18 Dec 2018

Since I was slammed for saying updates are free and upgrades are paid you might like to read this from The Embird site.From Embird FAQ page about updates:

"If version of your Embird is the same as version of a new build, your password is valid for the new build and the update is free. Otherwise, you may need to upgrade."

by fabricfairy 18 Dec 2018

Love enbird I use mine every day , glad to hear you got it sorted out.

by cfidl 18 Dec 2018

Nice to see you. I am glad you are happy!

by zoefzoef 18 Dec 2018

Okay, thanks for the tip.

by dragonflyer 18 Dec 2018

Well, good! I was finding it difficult to understand how and why your Embird would be deactivated because you did not want to upgrade...

by graceandham 18 Dec 2018

Hurrah! Back in business.

by basketkase 18 Dec 2018

LOL, Dolly..…..I, like you, seem to read or not read what is in messages and it kicks us in the butt every time. I am so happy you got your program back......

by mrskiki 18 Dec 2018

We do get in a hurry sometimes! Glad all is working for you now. Nice Christmas present. Hugs. Nan

by shirley124 18 Dec 2018

Great that you took the time to read it. Pleased you did not have to pay for another update. Merry Christmas. Hugs

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dollygk by dollygk 18 Dec 2018

Me too and thanks!! Dolly