by crafter2243 Moderator 10 Dec 2018

NEVER, NEVER squeeze an old metallic glue bottle to decorate a card. Sadly I have done this twice in my life. First time it ended on my shirt. My poor dog left the room after I let out a few choice words.

Buy small bottles of metallic glue instead of the supersize. It will be cheaper in the long run and less dangerous. Ha, ha.


by gerryvb 12 Dec 2018

are you such a strong woman that squeezes too much......hmmm...well I suppose it's because of the old bottle. Good thing it did not come on your shirt this time. This cutting mat will be easier to clean, but I can imagine the irritation and disappointment it brought.... sticky glitter and glue....not something to bring you in the Christmas mood....Hugs)))

by sewtired 12 Dec 2018

Aargh! Glad you were able to get it cleaned up. Looks like some of my son's disasters at which point he exclaimed, "Mom, it was an accident!"

by cfidl 11 Dec 2018

I hope I remember this lesson, as I have some old glue bottle to use. I hope not too old. Glad your mat is OK.

by sdrise 11 Dec 2018

Oh no Better on the board than your shirt I say. Messy to pick up though.. Sorry it happed to you again

by dragonflyer 11 Dec 2018


by sewdeb 11 Dec 2018

Glad the only thing you lost was the glue (and maybe your temper?) Great you could save the mat.

by lilylady 11 Dec 2018

Always, Always put down newspaper or paper plate. Does help with spills. Ha!Ha! Been there done that.

by sebsews 11 Dec 2018

As much as I like glitter, I try to not have any in my house. Thanks for the information.

by pennifold 11 Dec 2018

When I saw this initially I thought it was dog vomit! Glad you explained, and so happy you got it off! Love Chris

by marianb 11 Dec 2018

thanks for the warning I'll have to keep an eye out when the kids do their craft.

by vickiannette 11 Dec 2018

ouch, a very sticky situation. Glad your board survived.

by jrob Moderator 10 Dec 2018

Wish I could say that I've never done that. Three times.

jrob by jrob 10 Dec 2018

Try sprinkling sugar on it. It takes up nail polish off of tile, so is worth a try.

crafter2243 by crafter2243 10 Dec 2018

I got it off alright. Scooped up the majority with card stock and washed off the rest right away. Fortunately this time it stayed contained to my cutting board

by graceandham 10 Dec 2018

Looks like something I don't want to allow in the house! Sorry for your disaster.