by jenne 09 Dec 2018

Sunday morning: we have about 12" of snow and still snowing, suppose to turn to rain this afternoon.


by toogie 11 Dec 2018

My kids and grands would love it, but the lost power wouldn't be so fun. I bet it's beautiful though, before the rain.... I hope you don't lose power but good to know you can still have heat. Any pictures of the snow at your place?

by cfidl 11 Dec 2018

wow I hope school was cancelled. Evening rush hour is sure to be messy. Stay safe stay home!

by sdrise 09 Dec 2018

Stay safe and hunker down. That storm is heading our way too. We are expecting just rain though. Hope you do not lose power.

by sewdeb 09 Dec 2018

Are you in the path of that storm that will be hitting the south today? I hope you weather the storm without any trouble.

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jenne by jenne 09 Dec 2018

I am, if we loose power, we have a wood fire insert heater also can heat something on the top of it. some oil lamps so I guess I ok.