by carolpountney 09 Dec 2018

Someone was asking for ideas for articles made with ties here is a bag front and back made with ties. This was made some 15 years ago when i first started so lots of mistakes and definitely not perfect


by dailylaundry 22 Dec 2018

It was me - I was asking for ideas for old ties - thanks so much - what a great idea!! Hugs, Laura

by noah 22 Dec 2018

Love it****

by lbrow 22 Dec 2018

Neat idea!

by pennyhal2 22 Dec 2018

That is an unique way to use ties that doesn't take the tedious job of taking the ties apart. Good thinking!

by jrob Moderator 10 Dec 2018

I've never seen these. That's quite imaginative,

by sewdeb 09 Dec 2018

What a neat way to recycle ties! Looks great!

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markus by markus 09 Dec 2018

Looks great